12 Jolly Christmas Salon Decor Ideas To Create Moments Of Magic
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12 Jolly Christmas Salon Decor Ideas To Create Moments Of Magic

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No matter how you celebrate, there’s no doubt that Christmas is a merry, fun, and colourful time of year that everyone can be a part of. This December, transform your space into a festive wonderland with 12 Christmas salon decor ideas – moments of magic guaranteed!

12 Christmas Salon Decor Ideas

Who said you had to keep the merry to just your salon/spa retail space? We’ve listed 12 DIY ideas to bring the festive season spirit to your entire business. Tell us your favourite/most likely to do in the comments!

christmas salon decor

#1- “Making A List…”

…And checking it twice! Why not get a whiteboard for your reception area, decorate it a little and let clients put up their favourite Christmas tunes! If you start accumulating track titles now, by mid/end December you’ll have a client-tailored festive season music playlist – little effort required! If you are looking for a ready-to-go Salon Christmas Playlist, we have you covered as well! Simply click here & enjoy! 🙂

christmas salon decor

#2- Station Decoration

Stylists and therapists’ stations are often left without many decorations. While yes it needs to remain functional and professional, there are still ways to bring a nice Christmas touch to a working station: a cute lipstick kiss and wording in the corner of the mirror, a little basket filled with treats clients can enjoy, etc.

christmas salon decor

#3- Tinsel Ornaments

A classic. Bring on the tinsel and all the other ornaments! Easy to install – and quite inexpensive-, you could put some up in the reception area or make an original window display with what you have. And while you’re at it, add some glitter to the mix!

christmas salon decor

#4- Reception Christmas Retail Packages

Pre-wrapped gifts for salon clients to purchase is a very powerful marketing tactic. It works especially well with last-minute shoppers and people who need to buy gifts for people they don’t know much about (target men who are in need of a quick solution to their gift-giving needs as well!).

Give yourself the chance to sell more retail in this crazy time of year! The packaging doesn’t need to be super fancy – in fact, DIY-looking wrapping might even appeal more. If you’re stuck for time, making your Online Gift Vouchers look festive on your website for the holiday period is a minimum-effort but highly effective way of celebrating, too!

christmas salon decor

#5- Mistletoe

If you’re looking for Christmas salon decor ideas, mistletoes are definitely a quick and easy decoration to put up (no need to have the whole kissing rule!).

christmas salon decor

#6- Put Up Lights

I was sitting with friends the other day and city employees were putting up Christmas lights in the neighbourhood… everybody – and I mean everybody – stopped talking and stared. I don’t know what it is about X-Mas lights, but sure, go ahead and light up your salon/spa – people love them!

christmas salon decor

#7- Mirror, Mirror, Do Your Magic

You might not have thought of this, but by adding a few mirrors in spaces that don’t usually have some, you will add sparkle, depth, increase the lighting and create the illusion of spaciousness. For an extra cute touch, you could write some lovely Christmas wishes on some of them.

christmas salon decor

#8- Salon Windows Vinyls

If you have the budget (this is less DIY – but still too good not to put in), investing in a holiday themed vinyl to put on your salon/spa window can make you stand out from your competitors. Don’t underestimate the power of what people see from the street! For more salon vinyl ideas and inspiration, check out this guest article Chris Brennan wrote for HJI!

christmas salon decor

#9- Reception Desk

You might or might not go for this one, but why not wrap your reception desk as a gift? Tape some red ribbons and make massive first impression statement! Funny enough, Chris also wrote an article about unique Salon Reception desk ideas as well. Check out the post right here.

christmas salon decor

#10- Shampoo Bowls

Many customers favourite places (or maybe am I just talking for myself)! Associated with a feel-good short head rub, why not also use this area to promote a special offer or a special festive season retail package?

christmas salon decor

#11- Opening Hours Sign

Open or closed? Let’s face it: your opening hours are going to change over the festive period. Make the most of your temporary opening hours sign by adding a Christmas look to it! More on opening hours signs right here.

christmas salon decor

#12- The Oh-So-Classic Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Bring the merry in your salon or spa with yet another classic. No need to purchase an enormous tree. Instead, just get something little and cute to add to your Christmas salon decor. Want to your tree to stand out? Decorate it with hair rollers and accessories you have in your salon or spa.

We’re not kidding. Soon enough, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the festive season and clients flooding through your doors.

To ensure a busy January, watch our webinar on client retention! Presented by Chris Brennan (yes, the salon vinyl and reception desk guy 😉 ), this masterclass is all about how to leverage your staff to support client retention, master client referrals to build thriving return business, put together a lucrative loyalty scheme and get your salon to do all of this client retention work for you!

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Oh, and before you go, we’ve got a few more salon Christmas decorations ideas for you right here! Enjoy! 😀

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