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Above & Beyond Customer Service Ideas – Small Things Make The Biggest Impact

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Above & Beyond Customer Service Ideas – Small Things Make The Biggest Impact

It’s the little things that count. We’ve all heard that before. But we do tend to forget it when the bigger day-to-day stuff preoccupies our time.

But today we thought we might take a breath and look into some new, unique customer service ideas that can really make your business stand out from the pack.

Customer Service Ideas

The Small Things On Social Media

Many salons use social media as an advertising platform. However, not many of them actually focus time on the social part of social media.

For instance, on Twitter, you are able to Follow your Followers. You can see what they are up to and see what they are chatting about. Many times, they post messages about problems they have or questions that need answering. These are aimed at everybody and nobody. How about you take some time to browse your feed and respond to some of these Followers?


It doesn’t even have to be about hair and beauty either. If they are chatting about a TV show they just watched, or posted a photo of their dinner; nothing is stopping you from responding to them.

Don’t forget, they are on social media for the same reason you are: they want to be heard and acknowledged too. The trick is to keep them talking. Respond, laugh with them, and keep asking follow-up questions!

This way, you become way more than just another salon.

Sharing A Photo With Clients


If you are a client of Phorest Software, you are already able to send an automated “thank you” email to clients. You also have the ability to send a #SalonSelfie review request, asking your clients to take a photo of themselves and share it online.

A very nice customer service idea would be for a member of your team to take a photo with some of their clients.

When you share it on Facebook, not only does it show your client that they are not just another customer, but other followers will see that you have an amazing rapport with your clients as well.

Bad Day Support


As mentioned previously on our Salon Growth Series, one small customer service idea that can really impress is to recognise and acknowledge when a client is simply having “one of those days.”

How about throwing them a few extra TreatCard Points, “just for the day that’s in it.”

We all could use a win on those days that get us down. And this type of kindness definitely will stay with them long after they leave your doors.

How Chatty Is Your Client?

There’s always that moment at the start of each session when you try to get a sense of how the client is doing? Are they in a conversational mood or not? Knowing this information in advance would really help strengthen your customer service, right?salon-client-questionnaire

Aoife, from the marketing team, may have found an amazing solution to this issue.

Instead of handing a magazine to your waiting clients, how about handing them an amusing information card on arrival for them to fill out.. The card is filled with lighthearted, fun questions such as: “Are you going anywhere nice on your holidays?”, “Are you hitting the town tonight?”, etc.

These questions are then followed by “Are you feeling chatty today?”

Clients can simply tick yes or no. You can even have a section where they can expand on the questions. You see, this small questionnaire at the beginning of their session could really impact their overall experience by helping you nail down just how personable your customer service should be.

Thanks for reading! And remember, it’s all in the small things.

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