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4 Great SMS ideas for CHRISTMAS

Connor Keppel


Christmas is the perfect time to use SMS to keep people posted about your packages, hampers, gift vouchers and to introduce them to new treatments and styles. Christmas is also a perfect chance to show your clients the attitude of gratitude for being so loyal.

Here are some SMS template ideas you may use to make this Xmas unique!


SMS Christmas Salon

Gift Ideas – target a male audience. Give them the perfect gift idea for someone special.

David, your angel deserves the best this Xmas. Our gift vouchers + hampers will keep you off the naughty list! Call @beautytree for more 098765790

Increase your Referrals – Christmas is time for bonding and sharing, don’t miss the chance to increase your referrals.

Anne, Xmas is here + it’s time for the attitude of gratitude. Bring in someone you love + get £100 of extra TreatCard points pp. @beautytree 0653221455

Treatment Push – festivities are always a great opportunity to promote new treatments.

Kate, have you been a good girl this year? Then you deserve the best! Pamper yourself with a revitalizing facial & get a mini manicure free. 02071009290

Rewarding Loyalty – make your premium clients feel special. Reward them with no additional costs; give them extra points on their Treat Cards.

Emma, it’s time for Xmas presents @RightHair. Buy any hair product in December and we’ll give you £20 of bonus TreatCard points. 014598223

Connor works in the marketing department of Phorest. If you have questions for Connor about this post or SMS in general, email or leave a comment below. Many thanks for reading!