How to create excitement for you, your staff and your clients…

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How to create excitement for you, your staff and your clients…

I was driving into Dublin city a few days ago I couldn’t help but notice a huge image of Madonna on the back of a bus. I thought to myself there she is again! Love her or hate her you have to admire the way the woman has been around for so many years, she is the queen of re inventing herself… That got me thinking that as reinvention is part of life then it is also a key part of businesses after all as business owners we evolve personally but does that reflect in our business? We all get stuck in a rut from time to time, bad news or doom and gloom has a part to play in that and of course there is always plenty of that around… Well that was then and this is now! It is time for a change, how exciting re invention can be. It doesn’t have to be your whole business it could just be a section you add to an existing business theme to make it more exciting.

The official definition of reinvention is this “to invent something again, or bring something back into existence, use, or popularity after a period of neglect or obscurity”…

3 Easy Steps to Re-invention

Take stock…

Have a look at your business and take a step back, look at what works for you and what doesn’t? Ask yourself is there anything that you can build on or create. In my experience as a therapist and a manager I found lack of interest, enthusiasm or just plain boredom can be the reason that a treatment stops being popular. Recently I worked with a lovely lady who has slowly started to re invent her business, creating little signature treatments that are unique to her new business theme. Such fun for all! When you get your staff involved excitement, enthusiasm and inclusion becomes infectious. Clients love the thought of something new (or re invented) for clients it’s trying a new experience, for you it’s a bit like pulling an old outfit you’ve forgotten about out and wearing it. It’s funny that EVERY ONE comments on how fab you look !


Nothing better than educating and including your staff in this process, try a brainstorming session pool ideas and resources from your staff. Create a new add on ritual or a new look for the business, invest in some training for your staff. It is so good for morale, maybe try a one day workshop for a new technique! Dare to be completely different to what everyone else is doing. Be original e.g. maybe invest in training for let’s say ayurvedic head massage, that can be used in hair and beauty. It’s something that’s a bit different from traditional Indian head massage and creates a new theme. Remember though if you’re going to go ayurvedic make sure that it is themed for ambiance and experience. After all that is what our customers buy – lovely experiences that bring a result such as in this case – a moment of bliss!

Launch your re invention…

Make sure that you launch your new re invention. Create a marketing campaign with your new look and treatment. You could announce that you are doing something different with a VIP or themed event. Make sure you tell your clients that there will be rewards for clients who attend. Please don’t use the word discounts on the night or special offers. That is language which means we want to sell to you. Inform clients they will be rewarded for attending with goodie bags, raffle prizes, spot prizes and some “one night only offers” they can avail of if they choose to – after all this is a launch not a sale… As with all marketing planning and consistency will be key. Time frame your launch; use all your mediums eg. Face book, twitter, text, e newsletter’s, blog, posters, to create excitement in the business. After all enthusiasm is contagious and exciting you and your staff equals exciting your clients. A word of caution the temptation to create offers on everything in the business will be present! So another word of caution “a confused mind does not make a decision”. Think about that when you go into sales, I’m not sure about you but invariably I end up looking at the new season. If there is too much choice on the sale rack I walk away. Make your offers consistent with your new theme or re invention and you won’t go wrong.

Well until next time go re invent and above all have fun….

For those who want to know more…Sue Woodall is a salon business consultant who has worked in and with hundreds of salons over the last 20 years – you can contact her on

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