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Reinforcing Our Foundations in 2024 With the Phorest in Focus Initiative

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Reinforcing Our Foundations in 2024 With the Phorest in Focus Initiative

Earlier this month, we celebrated Phorest’s 20th anniversary at our annual Salon Owners Summit in Dublin. As CEO, this is my favourite way to start the year because it means I get to have two days of non-stop conversations with business owners like yourself–some who have just joined Phorest and others who have been with us for nearly as long as I have. The best part is I also had over 100 Phoresters with me, soaking up your input and the incomparable energy of the hair and beauty industry.

Since our founding, Phorest has always pushed to be innovative. From automatic appointment reminders (a massive leap in 2004) to our Marketing Suite and Online Reputation, and, most recently, the Phorest Ads Manager, we won’t stop pushing.

However, one of the things that I have consistently been hearing from you lately is, “That’s a great new feature, but…

“What about this other annoying pop-up/bug/glitch?”

“Could you make an adjustment to X existing feature?”

“We are using a workaround to do X, is there an update coming?”

That’s why, in 2024, we are starting a new initiative we are calling Phorest in Focus. To borrow a phrase from Dr. Brian Cotter, Co-Founder of SISU, a long-time Phorest clinic, “To build a very tall building, you have to have very deep foundations.” As we head into our third decade in business, we are reinforcing our foundations. 

We are taking a microscope to our system and tackling anything causing friction in your day.

We know that even some of the smallest updates can make a big difference. I’m proud to say this is something the team in Phorest has been pushing management and me hard for a while, and we’ve dedicated an entire new team to keep it on track.

There will always be more updates than I can list at once. Instead, I’ll highlight some of the main updates every few months and give you a preview of what you can expect in the coming months. In the meantime, you’ll get every Phorest in Focus update from the Phorest Team through monthly emails and notifications in your Phorest system.

Welcome to our first Phorest in Focus roundup.

What’s new?

My Performance Widget

Keep performance metrics top of mind! Now, there’s a quick way for your team to check their live numbers directly from their phone’s home screen. Available on iOS & Android. 

Set it up

My Reviews on PhorestGo

Reading words of appreciation and client feedback is one of the best ways to motivate your team. Now, staff can see all the reviews from their appointments in a new section on the PhorestGo app. 

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Logos on Online Gift Vouchers

Give your Online Gift Vouchers a branded touch. Customise them with your brand colour and logo.

Try it!

Schedule Automatic Consultation Forms 

Never forget another consultation form. Guarantee your clients are automatically sent consultation forms via email and SMS a specified number of days before their appointment.

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Send More than One Consultation Form Per Service 

No more limits. Add an extra consultation form to any appointment when required. 

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What’s coming in 2024?


A seamless, compliant tipping solution you and your team will love. 

Join Phorest’s Tipping Webinar on Monday, the 25th of February at 11 am

Phorest’s Head of Payments, Mark Ronayne, will delve into the details of the Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) Act 2022 and guide you through utilising Phorest to achieve effortless compliance.

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Plus, new on Phorest Academy

Phorest Insights: Make Sharper Business Decisions with Your Salon’s Data (New Course)

Understand Phorest’s newest dashboards and get practical tips and suggestions on how to best monitor your business data.

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Live Trainings

Looking for instructor-led sessions to help you brush up on or further your Phorest system knowledge? Click the link to find live training that suits your needs.

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Leaving Phorest Academy Soon

Grow With Britt Seva Masterclass (Leaving Phorest Academy on March 6, 2024)

Learn what key and modern marketing strategies can easily be added to your existing plans to help make your salon or spa a place where people choose to spend money.

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Coming soon on the PhorestFM Podcast

Hosted by Alex Belisle-Springer, Global Education Content Lead at Phorest, the PhorestFM podcast amplifies community voices all over the globe while celebrating fresh perspectives and ideas on topics such as business management, marketing, staff retention and generating new revenue streams.

Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2024 (4 Bonus Episodes)

Expect interviews with Nina Tulio, Fry Taylor (Green Salon Collective), David Meade and Tom Bentley-Taylor (Vish).

Stories From The Salon Floor (New Season)

Season 8 launches Monday, February 19, 2024

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