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A Year In Review: What The Phorest Team Is Grateful For!

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A Year In Review: What The Phorest Team Is Grateful For

The year 2016 was a massive one here in Phorest and we thought we’d take the time to express our gratefulness to you, who made our year absolutely fantastic. Today, I’m not the only one “speaking”, here’s at glimpse at what the Phorest Team had to say in this time of joy!

phorest team

A Massive Thank You From The Phorest Team

From The Marketing Team

phorest team

“I’m incredibly grateful for the passionate and enthusiastic audience I had the pleasure to work with this year. I feel so fortunate that all the hardwork we put into our content gets such an beautiful response. It’s also amazing to be able to learn from salon owners and everyone from this creative industry and generate ideas on how to make people feel and look great!”

– Chris Brennan, Inbound Marketing & Content Manager at Phorest Salon Software

phorest team

“I’m still amazed by the tremendous support and response to the Salon Owners Summit 2017! Thank you so much!”

– Alex Quinn, PR & Events Manager at Phorest Salon Software

From The Training Team

phorest team

“I’m grateful for the number of clients that we have helped use their system to its full potential. Also, I’m grateful for the amazing feedback that they have given us throughout the year as it really cements that what we are doing is providing them with the knowledge they need to grow their business.”

– Declan Kehoe, Senior Trainer at Phorest Salon Software

phorest team

“I’m grateful for the number of clients we have helped train this year and the rapport we have built as a team with each salon in Ireland, in the UK and in the United States. I feel we have become not only that voice at the end of the phone, but the support each salon owner needs to help run their business and increase revenue with the help of our software.”

– Martha Gibbons, Trainer at Phorest Salon Sofware

 From The First Impressions/Support Team

phorest team

“I’m grateful for all the clients I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with this year. Obviously, I’d rather no-one ever have to call support, but it’s always great to have a chat with the people using the software; to hear what they think and help them get the most out of their salons.”

– Nuala Maguire, Support Technician at Phorest Salon Software

phorest team

“I am grateful for our clients who remind me why I love the industry as much as I do, and for allowing me to share my experiences in the hope of bettering their salons (even when they don’t ask!)”

– Siobhan McCaffrey From The Grow Team

Before You Continue…

Now Back To The Phorest Team Gratefulness!

From The Grow Team

phorest team

“I’m grateful for how our salons, day in day out, offer an amazing customer experience to their clients.”

– Barry Quinn, Grow Team Manager at Phorest Salon Software

From The Development Team

phorest team

“I’m grateful for our clients’ constant feedback and ideas on UserVoice and always being open to phone calls, emails or visits to help us build a better product. It’s the most vocal community I’ve ever worked with and it makes our job so much easier!”

– Patrick Monaghan, Product Manager at Phorest Salon Software

From The Operations Team

phorest team

“I’m grateful to the salons for growing with us, and for them being there for us as much as we are there for them. We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for our amazing clients.”

– Sarah McEvoy, Operations Team Lead at Phorest Salon Software

Personal Thanks From Me To You

phorest team

What I’m personally grateful for? Coming from an entirely different industry, learning from you and your creative vibes has been an incredible experience. I’m so grateful for your time, your questions, your growth and your support.

I couldn’t do what I do without your insights and time for chats.

The year 2016 has been an absolute pleasure, and that’s all thanks to you and your immense support!

phorest team

Phorest FM: 2016’s Last Episode

Last Monday, we had our last Phorest Salon Owner’s Podcast of the year, so in case you missed it, here it is with a special word from Phorest Salon Software’s CEO, Ronan Perceval.

And, to subscribe to our podcasts, click here!

With all our heart and from the Phorest Team to yours, thank you for everything.

Happy holidays!


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