Hiring Salon Staff: Top Tips For Finding The Very Best (GUEST POST)

Today we are delighted to share a guest article from Lucy Thomas of Indigo Spa Recruitments on one of the most important issues for any salon owner: Hiring spa & salon staff.

Hope you enjoy!

– Chris

1. Where are the best places/what are the best methods for recruiting salon staff


When hiring salon staff, the first tip is to save yourself time and use salon-based recruitment advertising space online, in print or in your salon. It still surprises us how many salons we speak to who are pulling their hair out saying that un-skilled people are applying for positions thinking there is no training required to provide a hair or beauty treatment!

A dedicated salon advertising space is the place to be so you can avoid spending time sifting through un-skilled CV’s.

Hiring salon staff online has gone boomed in the last 6 years. These days it’s so easy for candidates and employers to access the right people at the right time. It benefits both employer and employee greatly in the way that you can create an account that allows you to always keep your eye on new CV’s in your area whether you are recruiting or not.

Another important thing to remember when hiring salon staff is that the successful salons are the ones who are always on the lookout for talent and actually save CV’s for the right moment; rather than choosing staff when a position becomes available. You don’t want to let the best CV’s slip through the net, do you?

Having CV’s in hand means you can contact the right people when it is the right time for you.

2. What should you look for in a CV and what are the tell tale signs of a great candidate?


A great candidate for the hair and beauty industry must have so many qualities that we have come to expect over the years.

Of course everyone is looking for different qualities in a team member so always best to start with a full list of ideals attributes that you are looking for and decide how you would measure these at any stage of the selection process, whether it be on receiving their CV through to a screening call, interview or trade test..

Your list may include some of the following:
technically skilled, experienced, trustworthy, loyal, relaxed and friendly but not too friendly, client focused, results driven, show attention to detail and be conscientious, well mannered and well presented, have sales skills, the ability to retain clients.

It would be great to think all this can be relayed through the writing of a CV but it doesn’t always shine through. When hiring salon staff, we would suggest a screening telephone call, interview and trade test or half day trial before making a decision.

3. What are your key tips for doing an amazing interview?


  • Know the identity of your business well and make sure they resonate with your standards and the personality of the business.
  • Always give them a tour of the establishment and gauge their enthusiasm for your products and services and their interaction with your current team members.
  • Make them feel welcome as if they are a client – they will talk to all their family and friends about their visit after the interview and it’s great if they give good feedback!
  • Read their CV fully before they arrive and make notes of the areas you want to know more info on a professional level – ask as many questions as you can.
  • Their knowledge and professionalism should show through in their composure and ability to speak the trade language.

4. What questions should you ask/never ask in an interview?


It is perfectly understandable that companies want to use a job interview to find out as much as they can about the applicant

Interviews give companies an opportunity to find out whether or not jobseekers have the skills and personal qualities that the job demands, as well as allowing them to gauge whether or not an applicant would ‘fit in’ with the company. Likewise, jobseekers also get the opportunity to ask questions of their own and interviews allow the applicants to determine, as best as they can, whether the job they are going for is likely to meet up with their own expectations.

Whilst job interview questions tend to more or less stick to a fairly uniform pattern, sometimes you might be thrown the odd tricky question. However, as an interview guide, HR professionals need to be very careful about asking certain questions because they might contravene discrimination laws.

And, whilst jobseekers would probably be able to recognise a blatant discriminatory question, there are often ‘grey’ areas and questions within a job interview that may seem harmless, yet are, in fact, discriminatory and, therefore, illegal.

The Don’ts Asks Of Hiring Salon Staff

  • Questions About Place of Birth, Ethnicity and Religion
  • Questions About Marital Status, Children and Sexual Preference
  • Questions About Age
  • Questions About Lifestyle Choices

If in any doubt, take HR advice!!

Thanks for reading!

Lucy Thomas
Indigo Spa Recruitment