The Very First Steps Of Successful Salon Marketing Strategies

We were asked  a fantastic question recently for our #AskPhorest video series hosted on Facebook. A question that we felt we should spotlight and delve a bit further into on the Phorest Salon Blog.

And that question was:

“I would like to start doing marketing but I really don’t have a clue where to start, how often can I contact my clients and what are the options? Can you please help with this?”

In terms of salon marketing strategies, we can sometimes jump straight into the deep end without taking a step back and looking at what the first step should actually be.

So myself and the Phorest Marketing Manager Connor Keppel sat down and discussed what are the most important areas to focus on when kicking off salon marketing strategies.

You can watch the #AskPhorest episode right here:

#AskPhorest ep. 5 – First Steps To Salon Marketing Strategies

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Since the person in question already had a salon with clients inside, we decided to start there:

Looking into salon marketing strategies for business owners who already have their doors open.

What we determined was, the first thing you should do is focus on your existing clients. Ensure that they come back to you for their next appointment. The best way to do this is through incentivisation!

Try to get them to book their next appointment while they pay. And ensure they give you their contact details (email, phone number, etc), so that you can hit them with some of your sms & email salon marketing strategies.

SMS is a fantastic way to contact them. It is guaranteed that they will see the message. So I’d recommend sending one to your clients once or twice a month (space it out).

However, your email salon marketing strategies can be a bit more consistent. Put one out to your clients once a week or so.

The main thing to remember is to mix your content. It can’t all be sales/advertising.

So for one week put out a Newsletter going through the unique offers you have for the month.

The next one, maybe send them some expert tips that will help them look and feel beautiful.

You see, you are still contacting them (letting them know you exist), but it’s not another hard sell. Clients respond much better to that!

If you’d like to know more about getting clients returning, then check out this article: Become A Master Of Customer Service Through Your Salon Client Card!

But What About New Clients?


From there, you leverage these existing clients to try and get their friends, family and colleagues to start coming to your salon.

You can do this with a strong loyalty programme where you reward clients for referrals. Our  acclaimed Loyalty System is called the TreatCard and it is one of the greatest tools salon owners have in their salon marketing strategies!

For more info, make sure you check out our article:Your Bible to Running an Extraordinarily Successful Salon Loyalty Program

You can also encourage clients to share photos of your work on their social media pages (Ask us about how Phorest’s #SalonSelfie feature can help with that).

And there it is! These are the first steps to creating viable, successful salon marketing strategies that WILL work.

Thanks for reading & thank you for the question.

If you have a salon marketing question that you’d like us to answer on #AskPhorest, please drop it in the comments below and we’ll answer it…. With a video!