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Ready, Set, Join The 2019 #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge!

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Ready, Set, Join The 2019 #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge

Is your salon a group of individuals or a high-performing team? Would you like to get your clients back in more often, spending more? Then look no further. The 2019 #30Days2Grow salon challenge is now open for registration! The challenge kicks off in 25 days. Will you and your team claim #challengeaccepted?

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What Does The 2019 #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge Entail?

Fair question.

Let’s back it up for a second however, and start with the why. It’s no secret that the hair and beauty industry has been dealing with a deep-discounting culture where salon prices have largely remained the same for years, yet where expenses and overheads have increased. #30Days2Grow is a fun and unique challenge designed to help you grow your revenue by implementing some super easy ideas and helping you put your salon to the forefront of your clients minds.

This year’s challenge puts a strong emphasis on coming together as a team, because let’s face it: it’s through collaboration, communication and commitment that your salon shall grow! So, every day for 30 days, starting on Monday, April 1st, we will provide you with impactful, yet easy-to-execute challenges designed to help you grow both your team and business. Each challenge will come with exclusive tips, ideas and templates helping you hit your daily goal.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Take Part

  1. You will discover things about your team and your salon that have gone under the radar for weeks, months (or even perhaps years)!
  2. You will grow your revenue, sell more retail and notice better retention rates (amongst other things). In fact, salons who took part in the challenge’s younger sibling, #SalonRetailWeek, in August 2018, on average increased their retail sales by 78%. We’re very confident in the results we promise, but like anything else in life, you get back what you put in! 😉
  3. It’s free, you don’t have to be a Phorest client to take part, and as a matter of fact, you don’t even need to use software in your salon or spa!

Sign up here:

What Others Are Saying About The Challenge…

  • “I would highly recommend this to anyone, who like myself, is a new business owner. I have learned so much in my business.”
  • “I want to say BIG THANKS to all involved in 30 DAYS TO GROW… it has made me see things in a different light and also address issues I have had in my salon.”
  • “I loved doing the challenges! It made me feel a bit more in control of my business with the great ideas.”
  • “I don’t know if it’s 100% coincidence or not, but I had my highest month ever in July, when I did 30Days2Grow! I think a big part of my success was daily reminders to put time and effort into growing my business, rather than getting complacent.”

And of course, you can also listen to these episodes of Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast during which Lilac Miller, salon owner of Sleeping Beauty Inverness and Katrina Sutherland, owner of Katrina Sutherland Country Spa each look back on their experience.

Subscribe to the Phorest FM podcast here.

Registration Is Open & We Kick It All Off Together On April 1st, 2019!

Join thousands of salon owners and their teams already signed up for the challenge and let’s make April 2019 the most fruitful month your business has ever seen!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs on the Official Website of the 2019 #30Days2Grow Challenge!

Will you take the challenge and join thousands of salons from around the world in doing so? Let us know either in the comments below or tweet us @ThePhorestWord! (Pssst! We’re on Instagram too!)

Thanks for reading! #LetsGrow


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