5 Halloween Salon SMS Ideas to Make it Your Busiest Yet!

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5 Halloween Salon SMS Ideas to Make it Your Busiest Yet

Make October a busy month in your salon with some Halloween themed promotions. This is your chance to show some personality in your SMS templates and have a little fun because remember the friendlier your salon appears the more successful you will be. Offer devilishly good offers or remind your clients they need to VAMP up their image. Then choose carefully “witch” of your treatments could do with a little promotional boost.

Here are 5 Halloween salon SMS ideas we have designed with templates to help you feel more inspired and get those creative juices flowing.

Loyalty Text

<<clientfirstname>> Double double toil and trouble, introduce a friend to Beauty Tree this Halloween week & get double loyalty points as a thank you from us.

The Phorest system allows you to filter texts so you can send specific texts to your loyalty clients. So why not take advantage of this and ask your existing clients to introduce one of their friends to your salon, then reward them for this by giving them double loyalty points on their next treatment. It’s a win – win , they get more points to add to their growing collection and you get a new client!

Look Good Beauty

<<clientfirstname>> Look Boo-tiful this Halloween weekend, complimentary brow shape&tint when you book full set eyelash extensions.5 slots call 0877413221

Try and avoid running special offers where you offer money off a certain treatment.This will just get your customers wondering why they can’t get that service at a reduced price more often. Also if you end up running a lot of special offers on your more expensive treatments your customers might hold off on booking these treatments at full price as they know that you are more than likely going to offer it at a reduced price in a few weeks time.Counteract this by using added value offers where you let the customer know that if they book a certain treatment ( in this case the eyelash extensions) they will get something extra for free (shape and tint). If the customer loves this new service they may book it on their own accord in the future. Use treatments that don’t take too much time or product as add ons so that you use as little resources as possible while still being left with an extremely satisfied customer.

Feel Good Beauty

<<clientfirstname>> Post Halloween – Skin Recovery Plan! Book a Revitalizing Facial @ & get a Mini Manicure free of charge for some post party R&R 

As well as drawing attention to certain treatments, you can also use an SMS campaign to raise awareness of your online bookings. the added bonus is that your phone line will still be clear for those clients who are trying to book in their regular appointments.

Look Good Beauty

<<clientfirstname>> Summer tan fading?Grab our halloween tan topup deal!Complimentary pedi gel overlay w/every 3 course spraytan sessions.Call Tanzone 0578734010

When you are sending out an SMS campaign always think of the relevance the text will have with your target audience. For example many people may have gone on holidays in the last few months and now that their tans are beginning to fade you could hit them with an offer to prolong their tan. Some other client categories that might be worth targeting in October would be school teachers, as they have a week off! Or professionals who might want to look good for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.


<<clientfirstname>> We have your perfect Halloween mask.Complimentary hair mask when you book cut & blowdry between 9-pm, Mon-Wed.Book online

SMS is one of the most direct forms of marketing you can use. Picture this, it’s Monday morning and you notice a few white spaces for the next few mornings. This is when you need to take full advantage of the time effectiveness of SMS and create an SMS that can eliminate these white spaces. Send an SMS to those client categories that you know might be available mid-morning, think housewives teachers, students (as it’s Halloween break) and OAPs.

Note that in the above examples we have steered clear from using the word free. This is because nowadays the word free doesn’t really appear to have much value behind it and it’s no different when it comes to Halloween salon SMS ideas However when people see the word complimentary they attach a lot more emotional value to the word. When used unwisely the word free might actually repel people from the offer as they take a “that’s too good to be true” attitude.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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