60 Second Post: 9 Really Helpful Phorest Salon Software Shortcuts
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60 Second Post: 9 Really Helpful Phorest Salon Software Shortcuts

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Our support team  took the time today to come up with this helpful list of Phorest Salon Software shortcuts.

Hopefully these tips will not only save you time but also make your daily use of the system easier. We also have lots more tips, explanations and information over on the Phorest Wiki.

No.1 – Q: How do I find the last 5 clients that I was looking at?

A: Click the DOWN ARROW on the keyboard in the client field in the ‘Create Appointment’ screen.


No.2 – Q: How do I put a sale on hold (e.g.  add a product to an appointment)?

A: Click on an appointment and click ‘Pay’. Scan in a product or two. Then click away from the ‘Purchase’ screen before paying. If you go back to the ‘Purchase’ screen you then click the DOWN ARROW in the client field and it shows up to 5 saved sales.


No.3 – Q: How do I pay for more than one client at the same time on the ‘Appointment’ screen?

A: Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and you can select multiple appointments to ‘Pay’ or ‘Check In’. Conversely, if you want to pay for just one appointment (or a client that is booked in for more than one) then you press SHIFT and click on the appointment you want to pay and press it again until the other appointments for that client are unselected – then click ‘Pay’.


No.4 – Q: How do I select multiple appointments to copy/move using the clipboard?

A: Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and you can select multiple appointments – then click the ‘Clipboard’ button on the right hand side.


No.5 – Q: How do I scroll up or down on the ‘Appointment’ screen?

A: You do this by holding your finger or clicking and holding with the mouse on a white slot and dragging up or down.


No.6 – Q: How do I set how much information appears on the printed column for each staff member?

A: You click on the ‘Print’ button on the right hand side of the ‘Appointment’ screen. A pop up appears with a button called ‘Settings’. Click on this and you can decide what information will appear on the print outs.


No.7 – Q: How do I change the order of the service buttons on my ‘Appointment’ screen so the most popular buttons are at the top?
A: You can use the ‘Arrows Up and Down’ that have a gloved hand over them – click here for more details.


No.8 – Q: How do I pay a tip on a credit or debit card?

A: When you reach the ‘Payment Types’ in the ‘Purchase’ screen, tap the small calculator button beside ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ and enter the full amount plus the tip. Once you click ‘Pay’, the change will come up as the tip and you can take this out of the till and give it to the staff member or put it in the tip jar.


No.9 – Q: How do I clear the ‘Purchase’ screen to start again?

A: Tap the ‘Purchase’ button on the left hand menu when you are in the ‘Purchase’ screen and this will clear the screen.


Found these salon software shortcuts useful? If you would like some more tips, why not check out the Phorest Wiki ?

Aoife Kelly-Cooney is the Marketing Assistant at Phorest Salon Software. Have a question for Aoife about these salon software shortcuts? Drop us an email here: marketing@phorest.com or leave a comment below.

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