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7 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Your Phorest Salon System

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7 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Your Phorest Salon System

As we knuckle down after the holiday season, you may have a bit of downtime after the crazy festive period. This is the perfect time to get to grips with some of Phorest’s ‘hidden gem’ features that you may not have used yet. 

Set yourself up for a successful 2024 with these 7 things you may not know you can do with your Phorest salon software system!

1. Targeted SMS Campaigns – Use Client Groups for Marketing Success

Did you know you can send personalised SMS messages to your clients with Phorest? There’s a wide variety of messages you can send, from special offers, to gift card promotions and seasonal greetings.

What makes SMS on Phorest more powerful is the intricate targeting that you can easily set up. Rather than sending a mass marketing SMS, you can target specific clientele that may be more likely to avail of whatever it is that you’re offering.

For instance, if you wanted to promote ‘15% off when you purchase in-store’, rather than mass marketing this, you could send it to only your top-spending clients, who also have appointments within the next month. This way, you can target only the clients more likely to actually avail of this offer, firstly by targeting clients who are expected to visit soon and who are more likely to spend that bit extra.

If you’re interested, delve into our in-depth SMS Marketing guide.

2. Expert Recommendations – Unlocking the Power of Retail 

Become the retail guru your clients need with Phorest’s Expert Recommendations, available in PhorestGo. This game-changing feature empowers you to send personalised product recommendations via SMS that resonate with your clients. This is particularly useful after a consultation with your client, where you may discuss certain products or treatments. 

From skincare essentials to luxurious hair care products, these suggestions enhance the client’s salon experience and increase your retail sales. Unlock your salon’s retail sales potential with Expert Recommendations.

Find out about how to deliver trusted recommendations to your clients.

3. Reports – Your Key to Business Insights and Growth

Phorest offers powerful reporting capabilities which can provide profound insight into your business and highlight where you should prioritise your efforts for the new year. The Reports Dashboard lets you monitor the overall financial health of your salon, but you can dive deeper into a wide range of reports, such as retail sales reports, inventory reports, staff reports, and client retention. These reports give you the real-time data you need to make informed decisions. 

With a better understanding of your clients and business performance, you can identify trends, spot opportunities, and strategize for growth. 

“I’m able to sit down with [staff] after a service and show them how much they threw away, how much they saved, and the cost per service. We can be completely transparent on all the numbers, so they can understand and see what they’re doing. It benefits stylists, the guests, and the salon”, Brittni from Headlines The Salon explains.

Check out how you can make the most of Phorest’s Reporting Suite – the most comprehensive way for you to stay in tune with your business.

4. Online Gift Vouchers – Hidden Revenue Earners

Online Gift Vouchers are a great way to boost revenue and can be sold effortlessly with Phorest. Gift Vouchers are a particularly effective revenue tactic around special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Black Friday. Not only do gift vouchers increase your revenue, but they are also a great way to expand your brand visibility and attract new clients who may receive one for a salon they’ve never visited before. 

Additionally, you can use SMS and email to promote gift cards to your clients for that added revenue. An average salon can make an extra €5,140.75 or more annually by selling Online Gift Vouchers. 

With Phorest, it’s also possible to sell branded Online Gift Vouchers with ease.

5. Ads Manager – Easy Targeted Marketing 

Get ready to take your marketing game to the next level with Phorest’s Ads Manager. Create beautiful ads targeting existing, lost, and new clients with ease. An integrated tool in Ads Manager is the New Client Finder, which allows you to analyse the traits of your existing clients and identify potential clients who share similar characteristics. This precision marketing allows you to create tailored campaigns that deliver impactful messages directly to new potential clients. 

Instead of wasting your marketing budget on generic ads, you can get more ‘bang for your buck’ by creating engaging campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Professional yet easy-to-use social media ad marketing means you’ll bring new clients through your doors while solidifying relationships with your existing ones.

Salons who sent campaigns via Phorest Ads Manager had an average revenue of € 1,778.91 per campaign versus an average spend of just €108.40. That means the average salon made back 16 times what they spent on their marketing ad campaigns!

Learn more about running ads with Phorest Ads Manager.

6. Rebook from the Checkout screen on PhorestGo 

In the fast-paced world of salon management, every second counts. That’s why PhorestGo’s Rebook from Checkout screen feature is a game-changer. As you check out a client on the PhorestGo app, you can seamlessly book them for their next appointment immediately.

On PhorestGo, if a client doesn’t have a future appointment, you will see a prompt to rebook them after they pay. This is a great way to maintain clients on a regular schedule.

By ensuring that your clients always leave with their next appointment scheduled at checkout, you can save time while also building loyalty and maximizing your revenue.

Learn how to set up rebooking prompts here.

7. Client Reconnect – Get Lapsed Clients Back Spending!

You could be missing out on valuable revenue from your lapsed clients. Phorest’s powerful client reconnect feature provides you with a list of these clients and an easy way to send them a reminder message. Once-loyal clients who have not visited in a while might simply need a gentle reminder to book with you to remember the great service they had with you. 

Phorest’s innovative client retention tool allows you to skip the awkwardness and easily send an invite to your clients to return to your salon.

We hope you find these tips helpful in getting you off to a great start this new year!

Don’t hesitate to contact your business advisor if you are interested in learning more about these features.

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