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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Two That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Two That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

You’ll all be relieved to know that my Summer Resolution is to be less long winded. So I’ll try keeping this rant a little more concise. So in part two of the war against petty-twitter-misdemeanours we will look at why…

Nobody Likes a Split Personality

Imagine following Jedward. Tough concept? But let’s go with it because they are annoying enough for us all to have had the misfortune of being subjected to their dancing/singing (If you can even call it that) manifesto. So if I was to think about what Jedward might tweet… I’d imagine it would include a litany of bad jokes, links to awful songs, cheeky photos of their awful hair and well we get the idea… I refuse to follow them to further research the matter as I feel I might not recover from the torment.

Anyway, we all get the point. They have a consistent brand there of annoying and awful tweets. Imagine now that one day they post a sensitive quote, or start posting pictures of cute bunnies and linking to songs about their long lost loves? Wouldn’t that be weird.

Weirder still imagine Jedward suddenly start posting about international war zones and political theory?

Basically, they’d be giving us three different personalities.

It would be confusing…who would even follow them, some mad-man living on a rock somewhere that happens to have a similarly split triple personality?

So as a salon you need to pick a Twitter personality and adhere to it. If there are a number of people posting to the account ensure that they are all on the same page. Be consistent in your tweets. Use your companies’ personality to make them unique…but make sure that is the only personality you are using!

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