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The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: Compliance vs Commitment

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Compliance vs Commitment. When we frame an idea, a problem, or an opportunity, we are choosing our perspective. Look at a “glass as half-empty,” and we start conserving and protecting. Seeing the same glass as “half-full” and opportunity and growth emerge. Our thinking shifts simply by how we choose to look at or “frame” something. “This vs That… The Better Choices Better Leaders Make” is a video series exploring different concepts, a guide to reframing our perspective on various situations.

Last time, on This vs That…

Two weeks ago, we discussed what and why questions. How “why” takes you back in time and is problem-focused, as opposed to “what” which looks to the future and focuses on solutions. For the last video of this series, we’ll be looking what triggers discretionary performance.

It all comes down to emotional engagement

When you look at your employees or you look at your customers and you’re asking them to do something, I want you to ask yourself: do you have their compliance? Or do you have their commitment?

Compliance, you have their mental, physical and financial engagement. Commitment, you have their mental, physical, financial and emotional engagement. This emotional engagement is the ultimate trigger for discretionary performance.

So the next time you ask something of your employees or you ask something of your clients, I want you to ask yourself: do I have their compliance, or do I have their commitment?

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