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The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: Satisfied vs Loyal

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Satisfied vs Loyal. When we frame an idea, a problem, or an opportunity, we are choosing our perspective. Look at a “glass as half-empty,” and we start conserving and protecting. Seeing the same glass as “half-full” and opportunity and growth emerge. Our thinking shifts simply by how we choose to look at or “frame” something.“This vs That… The Better Choices Better Leaders Make” is a video series exploring different concepts, a guide to reframing our perspective on various situations.

Last time, On This vs That…

Two weeks ago, we had a think about our reactions to feedback and objections. Taking the time to listen, acknowledge & question. This week, we’ll discuss satisfaction and loyalty: what makes both concepts different, and why ultimately, loyalty is more valuable.

Would you rather someone was satisfied or loyal?

Do you want clients who are satisfied or loyal? Do you want employees who are satisfied or loyal? Do you want a spouse who satisfied or loyal? Now if you’re listening you’re thinking if they’re satisfied they will be loyal. But studies have shown that when relationships are based on satisfaction, the person only stays with you until someone else satisfies them more.

I had a friend stop by the house and her haircut didn’t turn out so well. I suggested a stylist. She said: “I’m going to stick with my own.” And the reason is, the relationship wasn’t based on satisfaction because she wasn’t satisfied. It was based on loyalty.

Loyalty provides for a margin of error, and as a human being it’s not if, it’s when you’re going to need it. So, go back to your employees. Go back to your clients and if you want to, go back to your spouse and ask them: “Are they satisfied, or are they loyal?”

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