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Find Out What's On A Hair Salon Client's Mind – The Hair Vox Pop

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Find Out What's On A Hair Salon Client's Mind – The Hair Vox Pop

Phorest TV took to the streets to get the low down on what hair salon clients are really looking for when they’re choosing a business.

Some of the answers we got back were pretty surprising!

For this Vox Pop we asked hair salon clients what their opinions are on topics such as what they look for in a stylist and salon experiences.

Take a peek right here:

Hair Salon Clients Vox Pop

So what did you think? Pretty interesting right?

There were a couple of things that we found quite informative from this simple Q & A..

One of them was in regards to the bad experience that hair salon clients might have.

Two of the interviewees admitted to having a disappointing experience at a hair salon. But when asked what they did about it, they both said that they didn’t complain. They just won’t go back.

Of course with Phorest Salon Software every client is sent a quick survey via email to get their views on their experience – they’re far more likely to let you know what goes on from behind the keyboard allowing you to win them over.

What we find fascinating is the fact that those hair salons will never know why those clients won’t return. And furthermore, those salons aren’t being given the opportunity to make up for the disappointing

It goes to show the importance of the automatic Thank Yous and review requests that salons can extend to their clients.

(Click here for more details on how to make a bad review a good thing)

So, what did you think? Is there any other questions that you would like us to ask hair salon clients? Let us know and we’ll organise it for the next Hair Vox Pop session! Simply drop it in the comments section below or tweet us at @ThePhorestWord

Oh yeah, and before I wrap this up, we are going to be doing another Vox Pop with the public in September.. But this one will be dedicated to clients of the Beauty Sector!

So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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