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Why Having A Salon Coach Or A Mentor Is So Important

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Why Having A Salon Coach Or A Mentor Is So Important

For many of you, already 25 days have passed since the beginning of #30Days2Grow’s second edition. Five more and you’ll have completed the 30-day salon challenge; you’re almost there! Now, think about what will have changed in your salon. Start asking yourself what will have been the most rewarding part of taking the challenge? Did you hit roadblocks? How did you get over them? I’m asking because I want to tell you a story that I hope gets you thinking about the importance of establishing a relationship with a salon coach or a mentor.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Eight years ago, we had an issue where every time we fixed a bug in Phorest, we introduced two more. You know the phrase “two steps forward and one step back”? Well, this was worse. It was that flipped around. For well over a year, things were very painful. Everything positive we tried to do seemed to backfire. I needed help, and I was introduced to a business mentor through Enterprise Ireland (a Government organisation in Ireland that helps businesses grow). During our first session together, we spent an hour going over and over the issue, and how I couldn’t see a way out.

Then she asked me a very simple question: “Why don’t you start again?”

My first reaction was to get annoyed with her. Couldn’t she understand how long that would take? And what would we do in the meantime? And how would we pay for it?

But suddenly, it clicked. Maybe this was a solution out of the mire. Sure, it might be difficult, but I hadn’t even considered going about starting again. Now that I was thinking about it as a genuine solution, it already seemed more achievable. I felt a rush of energy and ideas that could bring it about quicker were popping into my head. I’m sure you have felt that feeling yourself sometimes. You know when something that was previously blocking you is now removed? It is like a dam bursting… in a good way! 🙂

I ended up working with this person for a few years, and she helped me get over numerous obstacles. If there’s something I know, is that we couldn’t have moved things along as much as we did without her tough (and annoying!) questions. Since then, I have worked with three other mentors as well. Of all these mentors, each has been invaluable to the success of Phorest Salon Software as that’s another reality: whether it be to help you overcome different setbacks or just to plan for the future, as your circumstances change, you might feel the need to talk to people with different experiences.

Discussing Issues With A Salon Coach Or A Mentor

From personal experience, here’s my advice: if you don’t already meet someone – like a salon coach or a mentor – to discuss your biggest challenges or issues, then you should. The weight of the world doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to lie on your shoulders only. Share the burden with someone and see how easier it’ll make things. Plus, you’ll enjoy working in your business so much more.

If you are struggling to find someone suitable, you could try your local enterprise office or its equivalent in your community. Or, you could get in touch with someone from this list of business coaches that specialise in working with salon owners.

We’ve Worked With…

All in all, if you have never worked with a salon coach or a mentor, I would strongly recommend you at least have a chat with one. It won’t cost you anything, so what have you got to lose?

Best of success on the remaining 5 days of #30Days2Grow! I’m looking forward to seeing all of this year’s certificates of completion going around on social media! 😉

– Ronan Perceval, Founder & CEO of Phorest Salon Software

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