3 Tips That Will Make Your Salon Employee Bios Stand Out

employee bios

At Phorest Salon Software, we enjoy coming up with little optimisation hacks that can have a massive impact on growth and customer service. In fact, we love it so much we’ve announced bestselling author Steve Martin as our first speaker at the Salon Owners Summit 2018! At the coveted event, he’ll share his insights on how the smallest changes can spark the biggest difference for your business. But today, let’s focus on a quick and small action you can work on within minutes from reading this blog. Let’s make your employee bios the most appealing ones in the neighbourhood!

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Top 3 Tips To Write Captivating Employee Bios

In the hair, beauty and spa industry, it’s no secret that therapists and stylists create and nurture trustworthy relationships with their clients – some of which last for years. Why not help build these relationships from day one, with a virtual handshake?

Employee bios posted on your salon’s website – along with an ability to book online – are a great way to initiate that first contact. In fact, based on our data, we know that one of the most popular features our Salon Branded App is the Staff Profiles section. But what should you be writing in these bios apart from making them short and sweet?

employee bios

1. Highlight Your Staff’s Professional Qualifications

The first step to a good staff bio is highlighting your employee’s professional skills. This could include:

  • Education
  • Years in the profession
  • Certifications
  • Past work experience, etc.

2. Keep It Short, But Make It Personal

For a salon staff bio, you should always aim for something easily skimmable; a short text from 100 to 200 words. Make sure your tone matches your salon’s brand and atmosphere, but don’t be afraid to include a personal note about each employee. This could relate to a fun fact, personal interests, awards won, etc. Ultimately, salon and spa staff bios should be equally likable and knowledgeable to make it easier for your customer to make a connection.

3. Indicate What Services They Can Be Booked For

Then, make sure you make it clear to potential clients who can provide which service. Under your staff’s bio – or as a conclusion to it – enumerate what services they can offer. This helps new customers understand who they should book with for a haircut vs. a colour, a pedicure vs. a facial, etc.

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One last thought. Your clients can go to any qualified stylist or therapist… so why should they come to your staff?

employee bios

Often, the most appealing employee bios end up being the ones who aren’t shy from going a little off track from the formalities.

Phorest Clients: Software Update

While Staff Profiles is a new feature for mobile users, we’ll be updating the desktop version across all sites over the summer. With the latest Staff Profiles feature, your clients will be able to identify your stylist or therapist’s services, but also choose who they wish to book for their next appointment.

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