Some More Valentine's Day Promotion Idea's For Your Salon


You still have time to work on your Valentine’s Day Salon promotions. It is time to take advantage of a very popular holiday in the land of hair and beauty. Get customers through the doors by providing value through your promotions. Remember that value isn’t necessarily a discount. Your added value can be something as simple as a gift basket, a complimentary product, or a complimentary add-on service which will introduce clients to things they can buy in the future! Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started.

valentines gifts

Promotion #1

Men can be your best customer this holiday but a lot of them need some subtle reminding.. Promote gift cards to men with slogans such as “Forget the Candy… Give Her the Good Life.” Make sure they think they are getting value for their money. If you want to really push this voucher go a step further by offering a complementary Valentine’s gift basket with any £100 gift card purchase. Make sure you are not out of pocket with this offer and fill the gift basket with product samples. Make this offer obvious to men by placing promotional flyers in places men hang out like the gym and local pub.

Promotion #2

Plan a “sultry sweethearts” day at the salon the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Sell all-inclusive passes to the event. This means food, chocolate, drinks, a single rose for each client, and pure relaxation. We suggest that the pass could include: their choice of a spa pedicure or manicure, deep condition, scalp massage, scalp treatment and a basic hair style. You can even advertise the salon being closed for the all-inclusive event. This is an event your clients will not want to miss out on. Promote the pass to both men and women.

Promotion #3

Host and promote a “sweet and single” night at the salon. Unlike the all-inclusive event above, this can be a way to target those single ladies of your salon. Think of this like a girls only night. Have them come in wearing their comfortable clothes and bring their friends. You can still provide a relaxing environment but focus on a less romantic ambiance. Promote it as a “pamper me” or “pick me up” pass.

Promotion #4

Get in touch with your local florist and offer a product and services promotion at their business. You can leave entry forms and a bowl at their counter. In return, you can offer the owner a free hair colour service or a free facial. Make sure that every entrant wins something. Even if it is just £10.00 off their first visit, or possibly a £5 voucher, doing something like this can possibly attract lots of new clients.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in extra revenue through Valentine’s Day promotions. Be creative and give plenty of added value to the client. This can be a great opportunity to bring in new clients and pamper your existing clients all the while increasing that till float.