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Starting up a Salon – 5 Real Lessons to Learn from a Newborn Entrepreneur

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Starting up a Salon – 5 Real Lessons to Learn from a Newborn Entrepreneur


Jennifer Fox started Cherry Red hair salon just over six months ago. Like many salon owners, aspiring or current, she faced great uncertainty and learned some hard lessons along the way. Here is her advice…


* Get the right products

Choosing a brand you know well and trust is very important. Don’t just go with any supplier that is going to offer the cheapest deal. Also, taking on a new product line gives you more work than necessary as there are many other aspects of the business you’ll need to learn when starting up. Most importantly, you need your clients to feel you are confident in your knowledge of hair as this is one of the main reasons they are coming to your salon.

* Believe in yourself

Trust that you have the ability to make it happen and make it a success. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.

* Have Passion

Be passionate about what you are offering. One of our passions at Cherry Red is to provide our guests with not only quality hairdressing, but also the service they deserve when visiting the salon. We pay attention to the little things that make a trip to our salon a pleasurable experience.

* Find the right property/location

I feel from the outset this is very important. Do your research, find the right space and the rest will follow. You may well survive in an area saturated with hairdressers – especially if you have something unique to offer – or, you could find area that is in need of your services and flourish!

* Get by with a little help from your friends

Over the years I’m sure you have done many favours for your friends and family. Free or discounted hairdressing? Now is the time to call upon these people to help you get started while you do your best to save money where possible. Trust me, your family and friends will only be too happy to help. They want the best for you and for you to succeed. My business partner Danielle and I would not have managed as well as we have, had it not been for the help, love and support from our family and friends.

And of course… SMILE. It costs nothing and everyone appreciates one. Especially your clients!

Jennifer Fox is the co-founder and owner of Cherry Red Hair and of course. If you have questions for Jennifer about this post contact her on Many thanks for reading!

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