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Susan Routledge: Your Questions Answered from Last Week's Hot Seat Session

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Susan Routledge: Your Questions Answered from Last Week's Hot Seat Session

Are You Indispensable?

Last week I spoke to Ronan Perceval in a video interview about how I came out of a full column after 18 years to solely work on my business and how the turnover instantly increased.

I can honestly say that when it happened it did initially put a huge dent in my ego because as salon owners we do all like to think we are the hardest working and of course, the best at all we do and totally indispensable.

I have put together another video because so many people have asked for more tips on how to successfully change direction in your business by stepping out of a client base. and your column

Working Hard

I can firmly say that one of the most important things I immediately learnt was that working the hardest is definitely not the smartest way to grow your business and grow your bank balance.

There are so many things involved in a decision to work on your business rather than directly within it and I could literally talk for hours and still not cover all of the scenarios and elements but the key ones I have chosen to highlight in the video are:

  1. Knowing your why why do you want to step aside? Is it a lifestyle choice?…or are you wearing yourself into the ground?
  2. Creating the right mindset – does the thought of leaving your team in charge fill you with dread?
  3. The correct systems – could someone step into your business and run it right now?
  4. Educating and reevaluating – the importance of passing on your knowledge.
  5. And finally… doing it – the best plan to step away.

I would love to hear your comments and any burning questions you have. You may find more useful information too by reading the answers to questions posted in the comments box on last week’s blog and under the You Tube Video of the Interview.

Hope you find the video helpful!

After all of the demand for books last week, we have five more to give away. Just tell us in the comments section about the most valuable lesson you have learned since owning or running a salon and the change it has made to you and the business. Best of luck!

Click below and see what Susan had to say about your questions: 

Susan Routledge Phorest Client

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