Boost Your Revenue: The 7 Profit Generators Your Salon Needs

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Increase visits & purchases without discounting

One of the greatest challenges of running a salon is discovering unique ways to increase business without giving away services or retail for reduced prices — or for free. In the short term, discounting might seem like a quick, easy way to bring in more clients. However, lowering your prices does absolutely nothing to create long-term repeat business and healthy profits.


In this session, Susan Routledge will walk you through 7 highly effective and proven ways to get your clients to not only want to visit you more often, but also purchase extra services and products. No discounting, no hard sales.


More specifically:

  • Learn how to make clients interested in high ticket products and services
  • Understand how to sell without ever “selling”
  • Learn how to get your team excited about talking about the salon’s offerings


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