9 Typical Salon Indicators Someone Is About To Leave Your Team

It happens. At one point in your career, you will see typical salon indicators that will let you know that someone is thinking of resigning. Stylists and therapists move around, particularly in the earlier days of their career. Some salon owners in fact think that as a manager and leader, it’s their obligation to invest in people’s futures by preparing them for the next opportunity, even if it isn’t in their salon.

But it can also hurt, personally and professionally. You have spent months, maybe years, working with someone who just one day leaves. Here’s the thing: people can be hard on themselves, and often, we hate asking for more – ‘more’ being money, a promotion or more diversity/responsibility.

If you are lucky enough to have one or more linchpins (someone who adds salon-wide value way beyond their role) on your team, you’ll want to keep them as long as possible. Below is a list of typical salon indicators will tell you when someone might be thinking about resigning. It might just help you identify a few traits in those who are feeling uneasy!

9 Typical Salon Indicators Someone is Thinking of Resigning

Tardiness is Kicking-in

One of the first salon indicators is tardiness. Some people are naturally poor timekeepers. Others though, develop the habit out of nowhere years after they start their job. Honestly, if they are lacking motivation, they might just finding it harder to get up.  The common approach when facing this is to pull someone up on it. Often rightly so, but if it is someone who is an A-Player and it is completely out-of-character, maybe grab a coffee with them and use it as a segway to ask them if everything is OK.

If nothing else, they will then know it is bothering you, but also they open up about the core issue.

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They Seem Distracted

One common sign of someone who is unhappy in their current role is distraction. This is particularly noticeable if the person has amazing attention-to-detail, is really fast at getting things done or usually goes the extra mile. Giving that extra 10% usually comes from motivation and drive. If these traits are suffering, then it could be their motivation and drive is dwindling.  

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They Have Started Talking A lot About the Future

Most of us wonder what the future holds for us. Even the most motivated and driven among us don’t always have a path forged out in our mind, or even where that path would lead in terms of the life, career and accomplishing goals. We never question the future more than when we are stuck in a rut though. And that is another indicator that your staff member might be thinking of resigning.

Often, when people feel it’s time for a change but haven’t fully admitted it yet, they make statements about boredom, “getting away from it all” and questioning what the future holds.

If you are aware of some motivations they have -personally or professionally-  it is often a good idea to sit with them and ask them about their fears and ambitions. You may not be able to help achieve all of them, but the fact you are listening shows you care and that is the type of relationship that reduces churn on your team.

They are Updating Their Social Media A LOT

Are they updating their LinkedIn a lot lately? Have they started suddenly posting lots of their work up on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest?

NOPE, we’re not suggesting you engage in stalking! But in a world that is shifting to online presence it can be hard to avoid the signs that someone is advertising themselves as a prospect. Maybe when you have searched the history on the reception PC you have noticed someone has been on some job sites.

Not much you can do here, but maybe it’s time to accept that you are going to be putting up a job spec soon. Sometimes when we accept that the worst will happen we are pleasantly surprised. At the very least you will be more prepared to kick-off the recruitment process again!

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They Seem Colder With Their Clients and More Irate With You

Is one of your team members lacking their usual bubbliness with clients?. We all have bad days, but if they seem particularly irate or down for any sort of prolonged period, then ask them if they are OK.

This of course could be something personal, but if you are the type of manager that is good at being objective with emotional people, then you will know snapping back is not the best approach. Being irate with clients is simply unacceptable! But sometimes you will notice that personal touch and spark is missing. Maybe it’s time for a chat! 🙂

You are Getting Zero Feedback or Input

This is pretty much an add-on to the point above. Perhaps you are not getting any feedback, or as much input in conversation, team meetings. This is a sign of caring less. Again, it can often be temporary, but if it continues for any length, then maybe you should consider it to be part of salon indicators of a nearby resignation.

Their Phorest Reviews Score Lower Than Usual

You have seen three-out-of-five reviews beginning to creep in on someone that usually gets a five rating. Having a review in hand is a good way to ask what’s going on and see if the answer gives you any insight. If you only get a shrug and a play dumb attitude, maybe it is time to ask what has happened that is having them out of character.

A great starting point here is to use the word “usually”. That way you are not alienating someone, but simply comparing them to their normally brilliant self. Use these salon indicators to your advantage!

They are socialising more

We’re social creatures by nature (particularly the younger of us in the bunch). 🙂

But if a staff member is spending 40+ hours in a salon every week and not enjoying it as much, then that staff might turn to other methods of enjoyment or even… escape. For some of us this is the gym. For others it’s gigs, but sadly for some of us, it may be drugs, alcohol and/or an abnormal level of partying.

This is usually easy to spot. Being late in is one sign, but if someone is turning up every day looking pale, tired and anxious it could be a sign that partying is affecting them and it can cause a very obvious change in their character.

Again, this can absolutely be a sign of some personal grievance or issue and may have nothing to do with the salon.

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They are beginning to talk about others’ salaries

I should have studied law”.

“My friend earns twice as much as I do for half the hours”.

“I would hate for my children to get into beauty”.

These self-hammering and industry depreciating comments are a sign that someone is feeling undervalued in the salon or perhaps they have had goals and ambitions they have not completed.

You can’t fix or be responsible for someone’s self-esteem, nor can you battle someone’s self-entitlement.  ‘The grass is always greener’ mentality added to a complete focus on money is usually one of the salon indicators of a lack of fulfilment.

Try to see if there is an opportunity to talk about the future with them and talk about what’s happening in the salon that they can help you with so they take on some more responsibility and feel better about their position in the salon.

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In the end, there is no silver bullet. If someone on your team is thinking about resigning, you’ll see clear salon indicators. Maybe that loss is an opportunity for new talent recruitment. That much we cannot answer, but if you are worried about someone leaving, keep an eye out for signs they’ll undoubtedly leave as a trail. And if you are scared to see staff members about to leave with client information, here’s some tips to prevent that frustrating situation!

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