3 Tips To Considerably Reduce Salon Email Mistakes

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3 Tips To Considerably Reduce Salon Email Mistakes

We’ll all been in that position when the undoable has been done. At that exact moment we hit send on the email we’ve been carefully putting together, we realise something went wrong… and you’re kind of left feeling like this:

salon email mistakes

Maybe there’s a typo, a wrong pricing or the “client’s name” tag in the subject line stayed “client’s name” instead of showing something like: Marie, 50 Fresh Music Summer Vibes For Your Salon! (This is an actual Phorest playlist; feel free to put it on as background music to this article.) 😉

Unfortunately, what’s done is done, your email has now been sent to your entire list of clients or prospect clients. What can you do to make it up for them? And most importantly, to ensure salon email mistakes don’t happen again?

Salon email mistakes are human!

Why they happen

Typos are a real bummer. They are the first thing your clients see and they provide sustenance for critics. Notice I didn’t say “absolutely unprofessional”. Salon email mistakes, while you do seriously want to avoid them, will not signal the end of the world as we know it.

While you might get some backlash (especially if the mistake has to do with pricing), many people out there crave authenticity… and mistakes, well, they’re human.

So relax. Take a deep breath. And remember the following next time.

Why it’s hard to see your own typos

According to psychologist Tom Stafford who studies typos at the University of Sheffield, the number one reason why it’s so hard to see our own typos is because our brain is working harder than usual when it’s trying to convey a message.

As a result, our brain simplifies what is showing. You won’t see letters as individual letters, you will see words and sentences. Let’s have you test what I mean.

I bet you can read this without any problem:

salon email mistakes

Or here’s another great example illustrating the weird way in which our brains work:

salon email mistakes

See, we become blinded to details because our minds operate on instinct. The other problem, is that we know what we wrote by heart. Remember when teachers in school would say read your essay backwards to proofread yourself? They told us that for a reason. They were trying to trick our brains into thinking we were reading our own text for the very first time, making it easier to spot mistakes.

3 easy tips to reduce salon email mistakes

  1. Proofread yourself: run your text through a spelling correcting software (there’s quite a few out there, Grammarly or Ginger Software, print your email and proof it by hand, change the background colour and the font… Another trick you can do is to read your words out loud or upside down. basically, use any trick that makes it easier for you to spot errors!
  2. Send yourself a test email: have a look at your subject line, your general form, the links you put in… make sure everything works!
  3. Have a colleague take a fresh look at your campaign: find someone that can proofread for you in your team.

To be fair, we’ve sent emails with errors too. Have a look below…

salon email mistakes

Mistakes happen, we’re human. It’s just about catching them before you hit send. And if you don’t catch them on time… using a funny tone to correct the error with a second email is always a good option.

Send us your email horror stories! Sometimes just talking about it makes us feel better about it. And if you’ve just just now did that unfortunate mistake drop us an email at marketing@phorest.com and we can help you think of a good way to recover from this delicate time quickly!

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