7 Reasons Why You Should Kickstart Your Very Own Salon Blog


It may be a bit of a commitment setting one up. But if done correctly, after a few months, you should start to see your fan-base (and in-turn your client base) grow and it will have a real impact on your salon’s growth.

However, if you are still on the fence about whether or not a salon blog is right for your business, here are a few points that might just help you make that final decision.

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7 Reasons To Begin Your Very Own Salon Blog

1. Grow your list of new clients while engaging existing ones

It is fantastic when you can get new clients to come through your door. But the big question is how do you attract them? Well, setting up a salon blog would be a great way of engaging current clients when they are not in your salon, while at the same time, getting your brand name out there for prospective clients to hear about you.

Also, you know those regular questions clients ask when they’re in the chair or treatment room? A blog is a great way to get those insightful answers to dozens more clients.

2. Interact with your client by starting discussions and inviting their comments


Having your own salon blog will help you do just that. With salon blogging you now have a reason to contact your clients on a number of topics and more importantly, ask them for their feedback on a product, service or just general salon advice. This will in turn keep your brand fresh in their mind and show clients that the salon values their opinion.

3. Promote your latest salon products

Now this isn’t to say that you can’t or shouldn’t use your salon blog to upsell and promote your services and products. In fact, you could even sell some of your latest retail items straight from the blog site itself. I would recommend not being too blatant about it. Remember that this particular audience came here mainly for engagement, information or entertainment. Not a sales pitch.

But there are always ways around that. One idea could be to do product reviews. This way you are informing current and prospective clients about new retail items, without the hard sell.

One salon I talked to recently had a really successful blog post on helping to reduce bad odours sometimes associated with spray-tans. At the very end they simply put down a number for the salon with a note saying ‘call us for further advice.’ From these calls they were able to advise clients and potential clients on products and sell loads just by giving expert advice. Good job guys!

4. Drive more traffic to your website than ever before

Want lots of potential clients to find your website on Google? Blogging is a great way to do this. For example, if you write a post on pedicures and mention your area plus a specific service then when people type it into Google your website will pop up in the results. For example ‘mini-pedi Sussex’.

Put this term in your title, throughout the post and lo-and-behold, when people search for that service in that area you should be found. This can take a few posts to get traction but visitors will flow to your site when it’s done right.

5. Salon blogs provide more content to share on your social media pages as well

Stuck for things to put up on your Facebook and Twitter accounts? When salons are producing engaging and interesting material for your audience on their blog, they are in a position to gather even more followers on Facebook & Twitter. A great blog will build a brand seeking to engage with like-minded individuals. That is what will separate you from your competitors.

6. Become a ‘Thought-Leader’ in your area of expertise


Soon enough, after a few months of blogging, you will find yourself turning into a ‘thought-leader’ in your very own niche. A thought-leader is someone who is recognised as an authority/expert in their specific industry. And people will come to you for advice and suggestions. Pretty cool, right?

7. Learn lots of new things about your industry as well!

One of the amazing side effects of blogging (which we have discovered in Phorest), is just how much more people learn about their own industry. This is because every time you set out to write a new article, you are constantly challenging yourself to learn more. This is particularly helpful when it comes to keeping up-to-date with the latest news and advancements in your own market arena. It really will help keep you ahead of the curve.

Where do I start?

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Here, we will be going through the journey of setting up a salon blog that helps retain clients; gets your social media rocking and drives new clients through your door at virtually no cost.

Connor Keppel is Phorest Salon Software’s marketing manager. If you have a question for Connor, email him right here :) – marketing@phorest.com

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  • Firstly, just to say, I’ve been blogging for a very long time – I started my first blog in the winter 1997-1998.

    The reason I want to comment here is because I think there should be some ‘clarification.’ Yes I agree with just about everything you’ve said Connor, however, there are some important caveats.

    The main issue I have with your post is the expectation of success that you build for your readers, but the reality, the sad reality, is that people are not reading or interacting with blogs like they used to, say, seven years ago. And the reason for this is simple: most blogs today don’t allow worthwhile ‘linkbacks!’ And spam comments are always an issue, i.e.: payday loans abilene tx… And: “You share interesting things here. I think that your blog can go viral easily…” I get anywhere between 300-1500 spam comments per day – all sorted out by ‘Akismet’ thank God.

    There is also an effort::reward calculation: it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to produce high quality written content that is informative, engaging and entertaining on a regular basis (Blog 3 times a week). Unless you’re able to ‘produce the goods’ and you know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t recommend writing a blog. There are other ways to engage with clients and prospective clients via the internet – and in the real world.

    Poor blog content may actually damage ones ‘brand’ – and frequently asked questions can easily be answered by a number of helpful articles, creating the valued website content that you talk about Connor.

    Here is a typical example of a hairdressers blog: http://www.johncarne.co.uk/blog/ – it’s quite a good one, been going since July 2011, yet they don’t allow comments!? Nuff said!

    I agree with your assertion, “Drive more traffic to your website.” Yes a blog can do that, but only when used in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization; which basically: means high quality relevant content and loads of links back to ones website!

    Your Number Five: My Big Tip: Synchronizing social media is a dangerous thing to do, especially for hairdressers, who tend to spam the same mind numbing **** like, “Check Out These AWESOME New Ways To Style Your Hair.” …day after day! Even exciting and informative news can still look lazy and spammy when synchronized! We are not helped by the social media who actively encourage synchronization, maybe as a collective act of self-promotion and togetherness?

    Each social networking platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or dare I say it, Your Website, has its own niche, an identity created by its owner for its users – Facebook isn’t Twitter isn’t Linkedin isn’t your website – the differences may seem subtle sometimes, but they are important to the individual user. Always use different content on the different social networking sites, so when people ‘click around’ they don’t read the same shyte over and over again, because that’s boring, disengaging and a massive, massive, massive turn-off – even for the client who loves you! The true promotional value of social networking is always measured by what you have to say! Syncing will hurt you.

    Lastly, use WordPress as your blogging platform, it is the best. Host WordPress yourself at: WordPress.org or get a free blog at WordPress.com. Need any further advice about WordPress just ask me, I’d be glad to help you 🙂 xXx


    • Hi Ian, thanks for reading and commenting.

      Everything you say is true also. I think blogging may not have the impact it had a few
      years ago in certain sectors, however I don’t believe that hair or beauty are one of

      Producing genuinely insightful content, even on an infrequent basis, can generate good
      engagement. However, take our blog as an example. We actually don’t get many comments
      however we get lots of calls, PMs on Facebook etc. asking questions. Comments are often
      used by people like yourself say who are well versed in a topic and want to voice an
      opinion on a post where they already know the content, as opposed to someone who’s
      looking for starter advice. That’s been a real eye opener for us.

      A classic example was one Facebook post we did on giving out free content. Not one
      comment from a salon, but highest readership and our Facebook news feed was FULL of
      salon’s using the content we posted.

      Agree completely on using different different forms of content on different platforms
      i.e. native content. The point I made is that good informative value-add blogging can give you great content for different social platforms when pitched differently. I
      think I really need to clarify that I don’t say ‘sync accounts’. In fact the entire
      marketing team is incredibly anti linking accounts. That’s a blog post in itself. 😉

      Thanks a mill for your input and maybe you’d be interested in contributing to the
      blog at some stage?

      Thanks Ian!

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