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August Salon Marketing Ideas To Boost Client Loyalty

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August Salon Marketing Ideas To Boost Client Loyalty

Coming from a background of writing profiles and spotlights within the arts, I have been trying to come up with a creative way to showcase salon owners, in a way that could help the industry grow. Recently, we received a few suggestions stating we should refresh our monthly marketing ideas, as international days sometimes felt like too much of a last minute campaign to put together. As a result of this, your August salon marketing ideas undertook their makeover.

august salon marketing ideas

From now on, we will present you a monthly marketing strategy theme, including a real-life example of a successful campaign and additional ideas for you to start from. Meaning, you will still be able to put your hands on some free graphics and templates! 😉

August is right around the corner, which means you’re going to start getting bookings for Debs & Proms season. Hence, the following loyalty and referrals theme for your August salon marketing ideas!

Loyalty Programs & Referral Cards

Referrals help grow your client base. Last May, we wrote an article highlighting how beneficial and important it was to know your good referral clients (read about this here). Following up on our word, we also recently introduced a Phorest Referral Card, which is making an massive impact on salons’ revenue.

august salon marketing ideas

Results in the UK and Ireland

Since we launched the Phorest referral cards in the UK and Ireland last June, two of our clients have seen significant results.

>> One of our fab clients in the UK ordered their first batch of cards in June and has since observed an increase in revenue of £3,037, along with 58 new client spending on average £52 per visit.

> Meanwhile in Ireland, a beautiful salon we work with has greeted 13 new customers with their starter pack of referral cards. Regarding revenue, the increase is present as well, rounding up a total of €2,750.

How it works

On your existing clients’ next visit, they will receive a branded and personalized referral card which they can give to a friend. When the new, referred customer visits your salon and presents the card, you set up a new client card for them, filling in the “referred by” section with your original client’s name. Now if you are not a Phorest client, referrals schemes are still something you should strongly consider adding to your marketing strategies.

For more information the Phorest Referral Card, you can get in contact with Justin Fiddy ( or John Laffan ( from our Loyalty Team.

[Tweet “A salon’s most powerful advertising is your client’s word of mouth referrals.”]

august salon marketing ideas

Promoting your salon loyalty program with Debs/Proms

August is probably the best time of the year to launch or develop a referral program in your salon as many girls are starting to plan their Debs or Prom. It is what it is; girls enjoy sharing their experiences and are most likely to encourage their friends to come by your salon if you gave them the amazing experience only you can offer. Last year, we put out a few campaign ideas for the occasion which you might want to have a look at. Maybe add an incentive for girls to refer their friends.

Additional August Salon Marketing Ideas

august salon marketing ideas

Son & Daughter Day – Thursday, August 11th

Kids are on holidays and because school has been out for approximately a month now, surely they’re about to need a fresh haircut. Perfect opportunity to market the parents and play the loyalty card once more! Our August salon marketing ideas toolkit includes an example of an email campaign you could send out to your existing client list.

Be An Angel Day – Monday, August 22nd

One of the most flexible August salon marketing ideas. This International Day of the year is about making the world a better, and gosh do we need those acts of kindness, care and support these days. Another great opportunity for you to promote your salon’s loyalty program or start a trend on social media. For this day, we have a few SMS ideas for you

Download the August salon marketing toolkit here:

Hope you enjoyed this version of our August salon marketing ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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