Cutting Costs – 4 Super Easy Saving Tips For Your Salon Budget

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Cutting Costs – 4 Super Easy Saving Tips For Your Salon Budget

Where does all the money go? That is something we always ask ourselves when we look at how much we actually spend each month.

And it’s the same exact thoughts on business as well! Where does the monthly salon budget go? It’s amazing just how much petty cash you spend on the little things each month. They don’t seem like much. But when you add it all up, you can see how much strain you’re putting on your salon budget.

So with that in mind, we have a handful of tricks that can help you tighten your salon budget so you can take that money and invest it properly into your salon.

1. Cut out buying magazines

Why get rid of magazines? Well, one big annoyance of salon clients is seeing out-of-date magazines scattered across a table. This means you have to buy stacks of current magazines in order to keep the waiting clients satisfied. Imagine the money you’d save if you didn’t purchase these publications each month?

One alternative is to simply to get a monthly subscription to one of your client’s favourite magazines. It will save you money in the long run.

You could go a step further and ditch magazines completely. Instead, just leave your salon WIFI password on the table. We know most of your clients have smartphones anymore, so let them pass the time with that. Click here to get more salon WIFI ideas.

2. You may be using too much product on clients

This one comes from our very own head trainer Caroline! She was suggesting that you take a look at the recommended amount of products to use on clients. Each cream and spray should have a recommended amount. In her experience working with product and salons, many employees actually use WAY more than that!

So all you have to do is a quick inventory on the stock that you actually use on your clients and find out just how much is needed. From there, take a morning with your team and show them how much they are suppose to use.

This will save you a fortune on buying stock throughout the year!

3. Take away paper receipts and go digital!

Here’s another thing that has been a staple of retail for decades: the receipt. A tiny piece of paper providing evidence of transactions.

Well, do you even need it? What if you simply emailed receipts to your clients?

This will save on constantly buying till roll. Plus, it encourages your team to gather email addresses from clients (so you can send email campaigns to them in the future). This is a feature on Phorest. Fill out the demo form at the bottom of this post if you would like a free demo.

Save money & gather email addresses to market to your clients: Win-Win

4. Window Cleaners

This one might not be for everybody. In fact we were considering not putting it on the list. But in the end, Caroline thought that this one could save you quite a bit of change each month..

And it’s by simply having you or your team clean your windows instead of paying somebody. It doesn’t take long to do. But some window cleaners can charge over £/€50 per month! Imagine all the other things you could invest that money into?

For instance, why not invest it back into your salon and get your very own bespoke Salon App?

Get your business onto clients phones, for the easiest, most convenient method for booking their next appointment!

Thanks for reading.

We would love to get your cost-saving tips and share them here on the Phorest blog. Drop a comment below or email us on:



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