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Here’s Why Your Salon Needs An Integrated Card Terminal

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Here’s Why Your Salon Needs An Integrated Card Terminal

Being a salon owner is one balancing act after another. Every day, whether creating a staff roster, setting prices, or ordering supplies, you have to strike the right balance between time, resources, and goals and keeping your team and your customers happy. So how many days do you actually manage to cross off everything on your to-do list? 

When you opt for an all-in-one POS system and an integrated terminal, there is one less thing to balance–one less thing to worry about. You are no longer the go-between for your card terminal and your POS. All your debit and credit card transactions sync automatically in real-time. So you can start each day with a lighter to-do list. And you can cash up at the end of the day without the headache of a tedious reconciliation. It’s technology as it should be; freeing you up to focus on your passion and business growth. More creativity. Less admin. 

What does it mean for your card terminal to be integrated?

From a client booking their appointment online to tapping their card at the end of their appointment, you now have one seamless system for accepting payment. PhorestPay Card Terminals integrate into your Phorest system, connecting everything payment related to your Phorest account. 

You can streamline it with one complete POS, provider, login, and bill. 

Here are five benefits of an integrated card terminal:

1. Reduce Human Error:

We know your team are master multitaskers, but they aren’t computers (thankfully!). Unfortunately, this means they are still prone to honest human mistakes like punching the wrong digits into the terminal and accidentally charging your client the incorrect amount (uh-oh, too many 00’s!). With a PhorestPay Card Terminal, you avoid all this drama. When you check out a client in Phorest, your PhorestPay Card Terminal automatically displays the correct final total. 

So you can refocus that mental energy on making this last customer touchpoint special, securing a rebooking, or just having the chats. 

2. Save Time (& Extra Effort)

Good news. Your PhorestPay Card Terminal is as slick as it looks. Without this manual entry, you already shave a few seconds off every transaction. Need to process a refund? There’s no need to ask the client to dredge up their original card.

However, the best part is the time you get back at the end of the day. When you switch to an integrated PhorestPay Card Terminal, you no longer need to print out a report from the card terminal and cross-check the daily transaction totals in the Phorest system. 

3. Clarity On Your Finances Everyday

Your PhorestPay Card terminal has been talking directly to your system all day, making the detective work of reconciliation a thing of the past (might we recommend a true crime podcast instead?)

With this airtight accounting, you can fully dive into your financial reporting and make business decisions confidently. 

4. Keep the Cashflow…Flowing!

Phorest transfers payments directly to your bank account the next day. Plus, we strive to keep your PhorestPay statements jargon-free so you always understand what’s going on with your hard-earned money. 

5. A Payments Partner That Understands Your World

Phorest was born on the salon floor and bred to help you thrive. With our new integrated, PhorestPay Card Terminals, we are expanding how we can support your business. But we haven’t suddenly transformed into some stuffy bank! From day one, you can count on us for a transparent contract and unrivalled customer support as you get acclimated to your new terminal. 

No More End of Day Drama.

Check out your new, easy, accurate, brilliant PhorestPay Card Terminal

Your new terminal is touchscreen, wireless and can easily withstand an entire shift without needing to be recharged. It can accept Visa, MC, AMEX, and Maestro and is compatible with ApplePay and GooglePay. All transactions processed through PhorestPay Card Terminals are protected by SSL encryption* and are fully PCI-DSS compliant**

Ready to introduce integrated payments to your salon? 

If you are already a Phorest client, you can order your PhorestPay Card Terminal here.

Still considering joining the Phorest family? We’d love to meet you. Book a demo to learn all Phorest can do.

*Secure Sockets Layer. This means that card details are encrypted as they are transmitted. So if someone tries to intercept any information they get would be unreadable. 

**Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. International standards ensure providers uphold the latest best practices in data security. 


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