The Most Under Utilised Salon Marketing Strategy – VIDEO


Discounts, special offers, give aways and deals. These are just a few of the most common salon marketing strategies. They have been the go-to tactics for years, and we understand why. I mean, it is understandable to see the appeal of these plans.

There is, however, one salon marketing strategy that is rarely used but unbelievably effective!

To find out what that is, check out our latest episode of the Phorest Salon Growth Series:

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So there you have it! Pretty amazing right? It’s funny how something so obvious and so effective isn’t a more common practice in the average salon marketing strategy. I understand that these kind of things are usually done in most businesses without actually being considering a marketing tactic.

But what happens when you make a conscious attempt at implementing some of these ideas into your current salon marketing strategy?

As author, marketing guru, and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk once said:

“The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: Care”

If this kind of thing sounds like the way to go or if you are looking for some more inspiration in this area, then why not check out our article on ways to generate business through goodwill!

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  • Tom

    Very true Conner. Thank you for this. We sometimes feel that the primary want of the client is not the results of our treatment but empathy and kindness received from the therapist. It is in our view the single most important factor when getting repeat business. It is often not the tangible or value based kindness that is most effective but the small gestures and kindness which are appreciated it also can make client and therapist feel better. The problem is how to train people to do this! Thanks

    • Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. Amazing – you have it in it one. A quality service is always needed, but as you rightly hint at, being a great therapist is no longer enough, they’re looking for those little moments of magic. I might actually do another post on encouraging kindness on your team if you think it’d be of interest? Connor

      • Tom

        Sounds like a plan. To me it has always been about working environment. If you foster and allow kindness to exist and don’t drive everything down to sales, targets and competition (i’m not saying these are bad but..) then you allow therapists the freedom to be human and deal with people in a kind way. Obviously there is a line and you still need to make money and get clients in and out of the door. Happy to discuss how we have approached this if useful. Tom