Why One SMS Campaign Made This Salon £2000 And The Other Got No Response

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Why One SMS Campaign Made This Salon £2000 And The Other Got No Response

Debbie from Simply Beautiful sent two text campaigns with two very different results. She sent both after doing our SMS training with one of our experts…and she applied most of the rules. So, you might ask yourself, why was it that one text pulled in over £2000 in one week and the other didn’t get a single response?

 The text that failed, was sent to all women with kids going back to school in early September:

Hi <clientfirstname>>,Celebrate the kids going back to school, book a shellac 3 week manicure & get comp toe file & paint free. First 5 to call 02882251555.

 The text that succeeded, was sent to all clients, at the end of August, with the aim of getting recurring revenue by having appointments booked in for the quiet season:

Hi <<clientfirstname>>, Starting today for 1 week only, we are giving you 3 free sessions with each sunbed course purchased until 7th Sept. from simply beautiful.

The text that worked:

The text that worked was sent at the end of the holiday season, people looking for a top up, or those that didn’t get away trying to catch up on their tan, or even those still about to go making sure they were sunned up before their holidays would have availed of this.

It was also a course, which means she will keep her clients coming, with a golden glow for a few months to come. This also means she has the added bonus of being able to sell to these clients when they come in. So far, she has managed to add on treatments such as waxing and pedicures quite easily and is confident this success will continue into the winter months. So the revenue is on-going. Not limited to one special offer!

The most important thing, besides wording, contact details etc, was that she is offering something valuable. Something people actually would want! There is no use sending a special offer if it’s not something clients are interested in.

There may be some small glitches, like missing a contact number, but she’s put a call to action…it’s clear that unless you book now it might not happen.

The text that didn’t work:

The biggest problem with this was sending it to the wrong target audience. It is so important that you consider who you are sending a text to and when. Mothers with kids going back to school may have more free time, but they certainly don’t have free money! September is a pricey month, and especially for these clients…there is no use sending me a special offer when I am already forking out tons of money for all the back-to-school demands.

There are also some minor issues: the text isn’t that clear “comp” is a short-hand for competition not complimentary. It’s important to try use abbreviations that people understand. Also using the word “free” can detract from the perceived value.

There is no perfect message, as you can see from here, but our SMS Marketing Experts are here to help you word and target your message so you can get the best results possible. Why not book into our SMS training today and see what you could tweak, the difference a couple of words makes, or who a text is sent to can make you £2000 and keep your clients coming back!

Call Alvy on the Phorest number or contact, to book in to our SMS training today or get some advice on your text campagin.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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