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Snapchat Compared To Other Salon Video Marketing Platforms

I hosted, for the first time, the Phorest Academy ‘Introduction To Snapchat’ webinar a few days ago, and to my great surprise, more than 75% of the attendees had previously used Snapchat – even if just for personal use. Hence, I spent less time explaining how to set the app up and more time on Snapchat’s underlying opportunities; because if Snapchat is one of the many salon video marketing platforms out there, it certainly isn’t the only one. Which brings me to this one question I was asked during my presentation: “How does Snapchat compare to Facebook Live and Instagram Stories?”

I answered this question by email as a follow-up to the webinar. I got so caught up in explaining the differences I figured everyone could benefit from the answer. Building brand awareness is something you need to work on every day. So the question is: Should you try a new platform, or stick to those you know?

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By Zoé Bélisle-Springer

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