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The Guide To Dealing With Difficult Salon Staff

Guest Article by Valerie Delforge, Founder & CEO Delforge + Co.

We’ve all had a difficult salon staff member at some point. I’m sure each of us has a story that sounds oh so familiar. Throughout my own career, I can think of many difficult situations and team members that have made things heavy going and negative.

For example, I remember the difficult staff member who took it upon herself to take her holidays over the whole month of December despite the fact I had refused, as no one is allowed that time off (for obvious reasons). Or how about the person that created a mini-revolution regarding opening hours that I had changed on the Sunday. Then there was the person who decided to provide her own nail polishes and was not pleased to hear this was unacceptable.

Do any of these ring a bell?! 😉

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By Chris Brennan

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