Long Read: 3 Surefire Ways Your Can Prevent Therapists or Stylists from Stealing Your Salon Client Details

You spend years building a loyal client base, recruiting a talented team and then lose half of your client base overnight. Your stylist or therapist leaves the salon and secretly, without you knowing, they take the salon client details with them.

It happens. A lot. The scary reality is that most salon owners do not realise it is happening until it is too late. This is, of course, totally understandable. You have to trust your team, and leadership is having the courage to let your team exercise their own values and discretion.

There are, however, measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of your stylists or therapists taking clients with them whilst still making them feel appreciated and trusted.

1. Build a Brand, not just a great team of individuals

salon clients

First things first. Ask yourself why your clients are with you over the competition. If your answer is ‘Because they love the team’, then there is work to be done. Of course they have to love your stylists or therapists, but they have to love them in the context of your brand and in the context of you as the salon owner.  Read the whole article…

By Connor Keppel

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