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Getting Your Salon Started on Pinterest

Giulia Babolin

From an early age children build scrapbooks of memories. By the teenage years, that scrap-booking passion may have converted into a passion for keeping a diary of your thoughts, ideas and desires. By college, you may have had a pinboard to keep notes, ticket stubs, pictures and birthday reminders.

Now imagine if you could stumble upon each of those crafty items, click on the memory, the ticket, or picture, and be navigated to a website where you could learn more. That’s exactly what Pinterest is! It’s a virtual pin board wrapped up in a social network.

Individuals are able to “pin” or “like” images of items that they have interest in and you can share thoughts, follow peoples’ interests and showcase products, styles, treatments in a really visual way.

Lately, salon owners have started to explore the benefits of Pinterest. Take for example hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers and fashion designers, they are able to create storyboards showcasing their work. They have the freedom to display their work using their creativity, personal style and personality creating fantastic portfolios that can be seen and shared by other Pinterest users.

Connor is the Marketing Manager of Phorest. If you have questions for Connor about this post or Pinterest in general, email or leave a comment below. Many thanks for reading!