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3 Overlooked Consequences Of Not Going Mobile With Your Salon

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3 Overlooked Consequences Of Not Going Mobile With Your Salon

No, we don’t mean selling your premises and taking to the road. We mean getting your salon on the one place we know for certain that your clients are focusing their attention on: their phones!

We have written some articles in the past on The Difference Between A Salon App & A Salon Website and The Digital Diary Of A Salon & Spa Client.. But today, let’s look at the Ghost Of Christmas Future and see what could happen if you decided not to take that step towards going mobile.

Will Your Salon Be Left Behind?

Outside of hair & beauty, your clients are already booking everything else through their phone and using apps. Booking restaurant reservations, booking event tickets and even their flights; your salon clients have gravitated towards mobile accessible means to organise their schedules and plans.

You don’t want to be the one part of their appointment book that is left out in the rain.

Are Your Competitors Already Mobile?

Now, we make a point on this blog to focus on the positive. But sometimes it is important to highlight some possible concerns. And one of these is that the data we have shows us that the increase in salon apps, online booking and mobile-friendly websites has exploded in 2015.

What this means is your salon’s competitors are already organising campaigns to get clients to download their app. And the truth is that it’s a lot tougher to be a second salon app on a client’s phone than the first.

So ensure you get your app on client’s home screens before your competitors do!

Will You Lose Evening Clients?

I have been conducting a lot of research into salon social media marketing recently. In particular, I’ve focused on the times of days that the average salon client is most active online.

And it turns out that around 8pm/9pm salon clients are flipping through their facebook feeds while they half ignore what’s on the tv (sounds familiar 😉 ).

Knowing that your salon clients are Evening Mobile Scrollers (good name for a band), doesn’t it seem obvious that this is the time we should be reminding them to book their appointment?

Otherwise a salon is expecting clients to leave a message on their voicemail and wait the entire night and next morning for availability confirmation. Times have changed… And people’s patience has all but evaporated.

The best solution to these issues is to kick off 2016 with a strong mobile presence. Be where your clients are and ensure the Ghost Of Christmas Future gives you a fantastic preview of what’s to come.

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