Are You Wasting This Secret Advantage?

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Are You Wasting This Secret Advantage?

It’s tough out there at the moment, isn’t it, but the good news is … you do have a secret advantage, if you choose to use it.

 It’s such a powerful advantage that one salon owner I’m working with used it to grow her salon turnover by 49% last year, without moving premises or taking on lots of extra staff!

 What did she do?

She made sure her salon was well organised with well trained staff. When she was happy that the basics were right and she could deliver a good service consistently she created a simple clear easy to follow action plan for growing her salon … and then (and this is the important bit) she took consistent action!

I know it sounds too simple, but I’m telling you the truth.

Just make sure you’ve got the basics right, so that you can look after your clients properly … then, a simple, clear, positive, step by step action plan that is consistently implemented is ALL it takes.

Let me say that again … IS ALL IT TAKES … and let me stress, your positive action plan doesn’t have to be perfect either, it JUST has to be ‘good’ enough.

 Good enough for what?

Good enough to be better than your competitors ‘action’ plans and most of them haven’t even got one!

Let me say THAT again as well.

Most of your competitors haven’t got a proper, focussed – ‘this is WHAT we need to do, this is HOW we are going to do it and this is WHY‘ – action plan, because they are too busy running around dealing with problems and looking for quick fixes.

Quick fixes don’t work … they only give a temporary boost before everything goes back to how it was … or worse!So getting to grips with the basic rules of running a successful salon and then applying them consistently is the secret and as you’ll know, if you’ve read it, I lay out all the basic rules in The Salon Owners Guide To beating The Recession.

 Fact: Reading the book will give you the rules you need… but reading alone is not enough.

 Fact: Even dipping in to it and picking out a few of the easy bits and applying them as a quick fix is not enough either.

 Fact: To experience positive lasting change in your salon, you have make sure all the elements are in place and then create and follow a plan to apply them consistently because it’s only when you take the time and trouble to do this that you’ll discover the miracle of an easy to run, fun to be in salon and this fundamental rule applies whether there’s a recession or not.

Fact: You don’t have to be brilliant, just good enough, because your competitors aren’t looking at the whole picture just looking for the ‘quick fixes’ and this gives you a massive SECRET ADVANTAGE… please don’t waste it!

If you’d like some help putting together an action plan just click here to find out how to get it.

Simon, who is one of the UK’s leading Salon Business Coaches is a big fan of the Phorest system which he uses in his salon.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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