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Coffee For Lunch | Interview With Social Media Specialist Frankie Greek

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Coffee For Lunch | Interview With Social Media Specialist Frankie Greek

We have the immense pleasure of introducing a new Phorest interview series titled ‘Coffee For Lunch’. We’re all so busy and tied up to different commitments nowadays that often, coffee is the only time we allow ourselves a break. For the first of the series, we’re happy to introduce you the journalist, host & social media specialist Frankie Greek!

More than a mere profile spotlight, this interview series focuses on industry thought leaders’ main specialities and aims to give you a quick insight into their minds.

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Coffee For Lunch With Frankie Greek

Freelance Snapchat journalist, host and social media expert Frankie Greek works and lives in New York City. With a background in radio and television, she is passionate and enthusiastic about storytelling and creating remarkable experiences – both online and offline.

As she explains in a previous interview with Ways We Work, her day-to-day job is a lot about “scheduling tweets, writing copy, looking at analytics and researching influencers”. However, Snapchat now also takes a significant part of her work schedule: “When people hire me”, she explained, “they usually hire me to do takeovers and I always look for gigs that are event based and have an opportunity to tell a story or share an experience versus shilling a product. […] I’m in the category of influencers or creators where people hire me because of a skill that I have, and they want me to use that skill for them.”

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About Snapchat…

Phorest Salon Software | Many people believe being Snapchat “famous” sort of happens overnight. How did you become a Snapchat influencer?

Frankie Greek | Let me start by saying I hate the word influencer, haha. I think the idea of influencers and influencer marketing as we know it is a bubble that’s about to burst in a big way. I’ve always been an internet human, I grew up online but had a more private internet presence through chatrooms and sites like Tumblr.

Tumblr got me really into YouTube, and YouTube got me really into the world of digital content creators. Everything kind of happened at the right time for me; I started investing in my online presence more when Snapchat had a big boom, and started working with The Shorty Awards – an awards show that honours the best in social media –  around the same time. I hosted a weekly Snapchat talk show on their account which is how I built a following.

P.S.S. | Who are your favourite Snapchatters to follow at the moment? Do you have a special shoutout to give to anyone in the beauty industry?

F.G. | I love YesJulz, as far as beauty I gotta give props to Desi Perkins (@Desiperkins on Snapchat) & Lustrelux (@lusterlux on Snapchat), they’re dominating that space on every platform.

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P.S.S. | As a social media manager, what are in your opinion the most common pitfalls of Snapchat marketing?

F.G. | I think people sometimes overthink Snapchat and social video. Not everything needs to be super produced or complicated. Clear and clean copy will get you very far.

P.S.S. | What would you consider being the biggest challenge with Snapchat campaigns?

F.G. | Definitely ROI, especially for people who aren’t fluent in Snapchat. A lot of higher ups will be like okay yeah you got x amount of views but how much money did this make us? It takes some finessing.

P.S.S. | Do you have any advice for tracking campaign results on Snapchat? A way to measure your efforts as there are no analytical or statistical insights?

F.G. | I think being cognoscente of your own analytics is super helpful. Make a spreadsheet and track your views each day. You could take it further and track your interactions / screenshots / messages received. I also think it’s important to take note of times when people are interacting with your Snapchat content on other platforms through posting screenshots.

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P.S.S. | Brands partnering up with Snapchat influencers seems to be getting more and more popular. How do these partnerships come about and what are the advantages?

F.G. | This is still very much the wild west. A lot of influencers have representation and partner with brands through those channels. I can only speak for myself, my email is in my twitter bio but I honestly close a lot of deals through DMs. I’m very picky about the brands I work with though. Sometimes a brand isn’t a good fit for me personally, but I can work with them as a consultant and strategist to improve their Snapchat and social video efforts overall. I only say yes to hosting things that are for brands I really care about and give me the opportunity to cover events.

P.S.S. | If you had to teach a Snapchat masterclass workshop, on what would you most concentrate your efforts?

F.G. | Production and storytelling. The faster you learn that the more confidence you’ll have in your overall Snapchat strategy.


P.S.S. | The real question: what’s the ultimate goal of marketing a brand on Snapchat?

F.G. | Brand awareness! Snapchat is a window into your brand, show your audience (aka) future customers who you are.

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Follow Frankie Greek on Snapchat @wtfrankie & Twitter @frankiegreek!

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