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Fun & Relatable: Emoji In Salon SMS & Email Subject Lines

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Fun & Relatable: Emoji In Salon SMS & Email Subject Lines

They’re attention-grabbing, they tell a story and because they’re visual, we process them much quicker. More and more, we’re seeing an uptake in emoji with brands in various industries. What about in the hair and beauty space? When added to salon SMS & email subject lines, can they increase open and click-through rates?

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3 Tips To Make The Use Of Emoji In Your Salon/Spa’s Marketing Campaigns A Success

Turns out they do. In fact, according to Braze’s digital magazine Relate, “conversion rates associated with emoji messaging campaigns have increased 135% during since June 2015.” And, according to a report by Econsultancy, emojis can improve email open rates… if they’re used right.

However, emoji are only going to be perceived well if you’re thoughtful about the way you use them in your salon SMS and email subject lines.

  1. Choose Carefully.
    Emoji-packed text messages might turn them off recipients instantly and see them opt-out from your marketing. Using emoji in your subject lines can increase opens, but overusing them can make your email look like spam. See what resonates the best with your audience.
  2. Target The Right Customers.
    For your upcoming salon offer, think about your ideal clients. According to statistics, 25% of people over the age of 45 don’t use emoji. If your target audience tends to be in the above age bracket, then perhaps hold back on using emoji.
  3. Test Different Things.
    Do they resonate with you audience more in SMS? Or perhaps they increase your email open rates? Track what works well, what doesn’t and adjust!

A Few Ways You Could Use Emoji…

  • Hair Comes The Bride! 💍
  • Getting ready for bridal season? Our team has got you covered! See some of the Before & Afters from last year’s season below.
    💅🏼[Name of Hairstyle/Hair Colour/Makeup Style/Service]
  • Valentine’s Day chocolate is good… 🍫but this is better.
  • 🗓Save the date! 🗓
    We’re happy to announce that we’re hosting a “Girls’ Night-In” event on [insert date & time]. Join the team for an evening of board games, movies, pyjamas & snacks. Click here to get more information & RSVP!
  • 🥂All through the month, we’ll be offering Mother’s Day Packages (+2 glasses of prosecco when booked before [insert date]).

“Brands Who Use Emoji Are More Fun And Relatable”

Fun fact! Although the very first emoji appeared in 1999, Unicode only officially adopted it as a new form of communication a decade ago.

Today, more than 64% of the 500 people digital magazine Braze polled like or love emojis, compared to 6% who dislike or hate them. Moreover, most people think brands who use emoji in SMS campaigns are more fun (39%) and relatable (13%).

salon sms campaigns
Source: Braze (formerly Appboy)

Why not give it a try in your salon or spa’s marketing?

Using emojis in your SMS or email subject lines is as simple as copy/pasting it from a website or document like Facebook Symbols, or Emojipedia. Same applies if you’re using Phorest Salon Software to create your emails!

Salon SMS & Email

Boost your creative juices with these proven-to-work SMS templates, add an emoji of your choosing and see how well that works for you! And if you prefer email campaigns, try adding an emoji to your next subject line and compare your open rates with previous campaigns.

Additional Free Downloads

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Do you use emoji in your campaigns? Let us know either in the comments below or tweet us @ThePhorestWord! (Pssst! We’re on Instagram too!)

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