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Fantastic Salon Room Dividers From Around The World

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Fantastic Salon Room Dividers From Around The World

Looking to give your clients more privacy? Looking to add a little more style & chic to your salon? Have you ever considered using a salon room divider?

It’s a cool, practical way to give a new twist to your salon’s design, while also making your business look bigger as well!

You can also use it as a tool to help promote some of your other services if you select the right divider.

With that in mind, we searched the world wide web for some truly incredible examples of salon room dividers that you may just love!

So check out some of these amazing, original and clever salon room dividers from around the world:

Salon Room Dividers

Pretty nice selection, right? It’s amazing how a couple of ropes or a thin divider can really add a whole new dimension to a room.

And the transportable ones look quite handy as well (For those salons that may not have the space to commit to a wall sized divider).

Would this be something that you might like to put in your salon? Do you think that your salon has enough room to actually hold one of these room dividers? Let us know by dropping a comment below or Tweeting us at @ThePhorestWord.

Hope you enjoyed this selection. Maybe it’ll give you an idea or two about your own salon design.

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Thanks for reading.

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