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Get Set Up With Online Bookings Before You Get So Busy You Can’t

You’re probably sick to the teeth of hearing us telling you to get online bookings. But now is seriously the time. You might be about to get busy with back-to-school period and soon enough, Christmas, but so is everyone else. Now think about this. How much time do you make for you when you’re busy?

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Online Bookings: Another String To Your Customer Service Bow

I could probably do with a serious haircut. But with how my week has played out, I didn’t have the time right to go get one booked in. It’s very unlikely I am going to find that time next week either. So if you were my hairdresser or beautician (we won’t even mention the state of my eyebrows), you’d be doing me a massive favour by offering me online bookings.

Heard that before?

That’s the mentality out there. The easier you make it for your clients, the more likely they are to book in. So offer them as many options as possible.

Think about how many of your clients are probably stuck to their computers 24/7, who could book in online if they were in a rush or couldn’t get to the phone, let alone to your actual location. It’s all about customer care.

Technology gives you the chance to give your clients a solution to their busy schedules.

Get In Touch!

Convinced? Get in touch with us to get your salon ready to take online bookings before the crazy season begins! Because there’s no point missing out. Would you not agree? 🙂

Oh, and if your salon or spa already has online bookings, click here to find out how to get the most out of the feature!

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Featured imaged shot on location of David Ryan Salon, in New York City. © 2018 Phorest Salon Software. This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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