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HOW TO: Running a Competition for your Salon on Twitter

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HOW TO: Running a Competition for your Salon on Twitter

We got lots of questions after my last post on Facebook about how to run promotions and competitions on Twitter. So… here you go!

A Twitter competition is a great way not only to generate buzz for your salon but also to increase your customers’ engagement and loyalty as well to grow the exposure of your website.

A Twitter competition is as easy as getting people to share tweets with their followers in return for a chance to win a prize.

However, a Twitter competition must be implemented, promoted and managed correctly to see a substantial amount of engagement.Here are some good tips to run a successful Twitter contest:1. Make your Prize relevant – make sure your contest prize relates with your customers and represents something that your salon customers really want.Bear in mind…- Better to give away a couple of smaller prizes than a big one – it will help to increase participation and customers will be more motivated to get on board. Plus it keeps the momentum going for longer.

– Consider to schedule your prizes daily. If users don’t win today, they will try their luck tomorrow.

2. Rules come first – it’s very important to set out the rules and regulations of the competition before you start posting about it. You will need to outline the contest terms and conditions, time frame of the contest, eligibility, and how the winners will be chosen.

Most importantly, make sure your contest meets Twitter’s requirements. Does it sound too tricky? Don’t worry, keep an eye on our blog, a post on Guidelines for contests on Twitter is on its way!

3. Generate Pre-Buzz –you will need to create some buzz prior to the launch of your Twitter competition in order to let your customers know that there is a contest coming up. Pre-buzz create awareness, expectation and increases participation.

Wondering how to create the best pre-buzz? Just tell your clients when visiting the salon, send them an email or an SMS announcing the contest and containing a link to the announcement on your website or even just a link to your Twitter account. It’s a great way to gain followers also.

4. Choose the right Timing – pick the moment your followers interact more and have more time to get involved.

Our Rule of Thumb..

– As a general rule Friday’s are the best for one-day competitions on Twitter. But if you know that your followers engage better on a different day, then give it a try!

– If you are planning a bigger campaign, then run it for longer. However, since internet users have a short attention span, we wouldn’t recommend running it for more than a few days at a time.

5. Put the details up on your website – explain the details of the contest such as rules, conditions, prizes, time frame of the contest, how users can join, how winners will be notified, and so on. If you can’t do this on your website do it over the course of a few tweets.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions. 

p.s. Contact Phorest today for Twitter training – 0207 100 9290 or 01 874 7800.


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