Phorest FM On Spotify & Nominated At The Podcast Awards People’s Choice 2018!


To think that Phorest FM has gone from being a simple idea when Killian and I were frantically trying to calm our nerves while recording the first few episodes to hosting a live recording in front of an audience & other episodes straight from the Salon Owners Summit which would feature Tabatha Coffey, Steve Martin and many others… I mean, it’s mind-blowing. And we owe it all to you, tuning in week after week. We’ll never say it enough: your feedback has always been crucial to us: it’s what pushes us to explore new avenues, formats and topics. In fact, if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be bringing you our two latest announcements! So if your heart feels like we deserve to be the People’s Choice 2018, please read on!

But First… You Can Now Stream Phorest FM On Spotify!

You read that right! Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast is now available on one of the biggest streaming platforms out there: Spotify!

Here’s how to access it:

  • Open Spotify.
  • Tap on the Search bar and type “Phorest FM.”
  • Listen to any of our episodes!

people's choice 2018

Make your life easier by saving it to your library (tap on the heart)! Happy listening!

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The Podcast Awards, People’s Choice 2018

Phorest FM’s primary objective has always been to build a community through exchanges and to bridge the gap between salon owners, tech & various industry thought leaders. By doing this, we wanted to create a bank of insights most useful to salon owners, therapists & stylists already in business, or anyone looking into getting into the hair and beauty industry.

In the short while of its existence, we’ve spoken with people from all sorts of backgrounds, willing to share their inspiring stories and have been working hard on making it the most accessible we can. You can now help us achieve this goal by voting for our nomination at the Podcast Awards, People’s Choice 2018!

All you have to do is sign up for a profile here: and vote for ‘Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast’ in the following two categories:

  • People’s Choice 2018
  • Business

How To Cast Your Vote

  1. Create an account & check “I am a Listener.
  2. Enter the verification code that will go to your email address.
  3. Select Phorest FM in these two categories: ‘People’s Choice 2018’ ‘Business’ (see image below).
  4. Click save nominations.
  5. Voting ends July 31st, 2018.

people's choice 2018

Once again, thank you so much for supporting Phorest FM this far. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your involvement!

Past Nominations & Awards

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