Why Phorest Is The Only Salon Software That Doesn't Allow Cancellations By SMS

Salon Appointment Cancellations By Text

Have you ever wondered why Phorest won’t make cancelling really convenient for your clients and let them text back after you have sent them an appointment reminder or confirmation? Many salon owners have and we here at Phorest get asked this question fairly regularly.

The answer is really straightforward: We don’t allow cancellations by text for the simple reason that we don’t want your cancellation rates to rise! In fact, SMS cancellations were an option on the Phorest system until 2004. When the feature was dropped, our clients’ cancellation rates dramatically decreased.  Why? Simply because it is very easy for your client to just text you at that moment when they don’t feel like attending an appointment the following day. However, at the same time most of your clients would not actually pick up the phone to cancel unless there is a real reason.

By making cancellations as easy as sending a text you are opening yourself up not only to losing business (that client may never rebook) but you may also end up with a lot of free last minute slots that may be hard to fill.

We would love to hear your tips on how you combat cancellations in your salon. Let us know in the comments!

Ronan Perceval is founder and CEO of Phorest Salon Software. Have a question for Ronan and the Phorest team on this post? Drop us an email here: marketing@phorest.com or leave a comment below

  • Michael Todd

    There needs to be a way to secure bookings when they are made by telephone. The online and app booking is fantastic but most people still call and book. We are a large spa and require 50% deposit for any bookings over £75. We cannot do this with Phorest currently.

    • Ronan Perceval

      Yes it’s a good idea and one we are looking at seriously. However it’s not very straightforward to do as there are security and PCI compliance issues around taking cards over the phone and storing them.

      We would hope to have something for this soon

  • At Les Roches Spa it is our policy to take full pre-payment at the time of the booking by putting card details through the PDQ straight away whilst the client is on the phone or at Reception so that there’s no need to store client’s card details. We also inform every client of our 24 hour cancellation policy whereby a client must give at least 24 hours notice in order to cancel or reschedule their appointment.