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Promote, Promote, Promote, A Foolproof Marketing Checklist for All Your Christmas Offers

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Promote, Promote, Promote, A Foolproof Marketing Checklist for All Your Christmas Offers

You’re probably all set to go or getting set to go with your Christmas stock. But just having it won’t make you more money… see it’s one thing having gift cards, hampers and Christmas solutions ready for your customers. It’s another thing entirely to actually let them know!

Whenever you launch anything, however big or small, in your salon you need to make sure you market effectively. Basically tell your clients in as many ways as possible what’s going on.

So to help you we’ve compiled a checklist for you for your christmas promos, make sure you tick all the

boxes for best results (we will be posting a blog later this week with email and sms templates to help you out)

Here is Your Marketing Checklist:

  1. First you need something to promote- e.g.
  2. Gift Cards (Click here for great advice on Christmas Gifts.)
  3. Hampers
  4. Christmas Promotions (Click here for some advice on this)
  5. Your Christmas Opening Hours

Telling people your Christmas opening hours is a great way to remind clients to get booked in now Basically have a think about the best thing to promote to your clients this Christmas. You will need to use all 6 of these methods to get the best possible results.

  1. Send an email– to all and I mean ALL your clients. Emails on a good day get a 20% open rate. So simply sending an email will not be enough.
  2. Send an SMS– again to ALL your clients- if you don’t tell them, they will go elsewhere, because you can be sure someone else will let them know. Plus this has a 99% Open Rate – guaranteeing they get the message!
  3. Hit them with some social media– Tweet it, share it, shout about it!
  4. Signage– old fashioned, but even with all of technologies advances this can still work wonders, the only thing is it needs to be eye-catching. Lets not bore our clients with something you printed off of Publisher. Get creative so people pay attention.
  5. Display samples– and make them look as inviting as possible. Why not put one of your Gift cards in a frame on reception with a note about making sure you’ve got yours.
  6. Tell them about it– think of it as being informative. Let them know what you are offering without launching into a sales pitch. Ask them about Christmas, their plans and bring it around to shopping and what you are offering.

We have tons more tips to get your Christmas Promos working. We’d love to hear your feedback or any marketing that may have worked for your salon. These are just some simple ideas to get you started but if you need any assistance with any of this.

Please don’t hesitate to call Alvy at the Phorest HQ. is a leading salon software provider.



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