Salon Blogs – Is It Time You Started One?

Phorest TV. Should you start a salon blog?

Are salon blogs actually worth starting if you are a salon owner? This was the question of the latest episode of PhorestTV’s Salon Growth Series.

However, just before shooting the episode, we found that a few of us actually had different points of view on the matter.

So instead of discussing this behind-the-scenes, we decided that we should probably jump in front of the camera and delve a little deeper into the topic of salon blogs for your enjoyment.

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As you can see, there is no straight Yes or No answer when deciding whether or not to get into the world of salon blogs.

Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, it can take 6 months before you start to see results.

But, if you are committed and you find that you have a passion for it, a salon blog can become one of the best ways to get new clients flocking through your doors!

At the end of the day, it may just come down to whether or not you actually enjoy it. Because every blogger will tell you, there are many days that we simply do not feel like sitting down at a laptop and whipping together a new article. But we do it anyway. And the funny thing is, once we do, we feel fantastic!

As we mention on the episode, before you decide whether or not to commit to becoming a salon blogger, how about you just write out a quick article in a word document and see how it goes?

If you are looking for some topics to start with, then we have you covered as well:

–> Start Your Business Blog Off Right – The Very Best Salon Blog Topics <–

Thanks for reading (and watching 😉 )!

Chris Brennan is our Social Media & Content Marketing Executive at Phorest Salon Software. For any and all help in this area, why not drop him a quick email at Let’s Grow!

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  • SlashHairNet

    As a V.long-term blogger, I’ve got to add: the value of ones blog comes from what one has to say to ones audience. You mention content Connor, yes, that really is So important.

    A tip for a n00bie salon blogger: photographs are really important, and people have ‘stopped’ reading so keep what you have to say to the point and make it incredibly entertaining 🙂 x

    BTW Connor, Aoife could’ve said a bit more mate 😉

    • Great point! Photos, GIF and videos are so important these days. The modern blog reader is very picky about material that you really need to engage them with visual stimulants to keep them focused on the actual words your trying to put across! 🙂

      Was there something in particular that you would like Aoife to discuss in further detail?

      Because we have just started a brand new YouTube series called #AskPhorest, where we answer audience questions with a video:

      And this is a topic that we would LOVE to expand upon!


      – Chris

      • SlashHairNet

        Good Luck with the #AskPhorest 🙂 x

        No, there wasn’t anything specific that I wanted to ask Aoife! I suppose (on a re listen) the discussion went about 50::50 – First time around I thought you had a bit too much airtime Chris ;-D

        I’d just like to add: focussing on using the re-blogging technique coupled with synchronisation of social media platforms can have a very negative effect on ones target audience – because ultimately it’s V.boring, especially if one happens to get fixated on re-blogging a particular person.

  • Video and no transcript? Just lost opportunity and over an hour no one is going to watch. 18 minutes is the absolute maximum but should be under 3-minute sound grabs. The other option is to cut an hour-long show repurpose it into useful segments. Guarantee it took more time to film than hours watched. It is also a shame that the issues raised about stale channel broadcasting was not answered.

    Take care and good luck with it.

    • Hi Padraig, thanks for commenting. Apologies for the delay I was away on holidays.

      In terms of an hour and the video comment, the video above is 8 minutes long so not I understand?

      • Must have needed glasses Connor, could have sworn blind the video was an hour. Apologies