Salon Christmas Gifts: What Should I Buy the Team?

Salon Christmas Gifts


We get asked this Christmas question every year and, admittedly, until now, we haven’t really answered it: ‘Should I get the team in the salon something for Christmas, and if so, what?’.


We say YES! Giving a gift is a great way to show your appreciation and to thank the team for their work in growing your salon year-on-year.  While money may seem like a great gift, it doesn’t always come across as thoughtful and can disappear quickly on bills or presents for someone else.

Remember:  beauty and hair products may be very well received by friends and family, but it is likely that most of your colleagues might not need or want the tools of their trade as salon Christmas gifts.


Luckily, we have your back, and the team here at Phorest have collated a fantastic list of potential salon Christmas gifts for you to peruse at your leisure!  Let’s get straight to the point…

Here are your suggested presents… Happy shopping!



Aoife Kelly-Cooney is the Marketing Assistant at Phorest Salon Software. Have a question for Aoife about salon Christmas gifts? Drop us an email here: or leave a comment below.