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Salon GDPR Explained With Emojis, In Under Three Minutes

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Salon GDPR Explained With Emojis, In Under Three Minutes

Based on the GDPR requirements laid out by the EU, it has been determined that the most viable, achievable solution to it is to go digital. But why? And how can one data regulation change the way you run your business in the foreseeable future? Because GDPR is such dense piece of legislation, we put together a more digestible piece of content (the original EU document is a brick high of paper). We invite you to take exactly 2 minutes and 34 seconds of your time to watch what we called “Salon GDPR Explained With Emojis”. From going digital with consultation forms to understanding what the legislation means for your salon, we aim to keep you informed and empowered. Feel free to pass the link around to your staff or any other fellow salon owner who could benefit from it!

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Salon GDPR Explained With Emojis

Phorest Salon Software’s imminent release of the Digital Consultation Forms will take care of most of this. The client will fill out the form, and you will review their answers with them, after which the client will sign the form, and you will validate it in the system, with your staff pin.

If you are Phorest client and would like to learn more about this feature, please click here. Not a Phorest Salon Software client yet and would like to get a quote? Please click here.

Learn More About GDPR, The EU’s New Data Legislation

Listen to Phorest FM, The Salon Owner’s Podcast

A few weeks ago, Killian and Zoe were joined by Phorest Salon Software’s Head of Marketing, Connor Keppel, to get a better understanding of what exactly is GDPR and how salon owners can prepare for it. Bookmark this episode, or have a listen below!

  • Download the eBook
  • Find out about the impacts on your salon’s revenue (if you fail to comply)
  • Determine the fine your salon can get if you fail to comply
  • Learn how to become GDPR compliant
  • Understand what they mean by personal data
  • Understand the EU’s definition of consent in the context of GDPR
  • Find out about the clients’ rights under GDPR
  • Learn about switching to a paperless solution for your salon or spa

Attend The Online Salon GDPR Masterclass

Join Connor Keppel on March 12th, 2018, for your free Salon GDPR Masterclass and find out what it will take for your salon to be ready for GDPR, which will come into effect in May 2018, and across all European countries. Specifically, on this webinar, Connor will:

  • Help you understand what GDPR is and how it will affect your salon
  • Discuss the work involved in becoming compliant
  • Inform you of the risk of not becoming compliant

To watch back our GDPR Masterclass, click here.

Download The Salon Owner’s Guide To Understanding And Preparing For GDPR

Finally, to get more in-depth knowledge on GDPR, or to pass on the information to your team, we also have a free downloadable eBook which touches upon data in salons, responsibility, becoming compliant, accountability, consent, client rights under GDPR, getting training, children in the salon and clients requesting a copy of their data.

To get your copy of this free eBook, click here.

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Featured imaged shot on location of Wildflower Creative Group, in Dublin. © 2018 Phorest Salon Software.
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