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Making Your Mother’s Day Marketing More Inclusive

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Making Your Mother’s Day Marketing More Inclusive

In the professional hair and beauty industry, seasonal marketing campaigns can be a significant revenue booster and a way of encouraging clients into your salon or spa. Each notable occasion on the calendar marks a window of opportunity for your business, and Mother’s Day is no exception. 

That being said, Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for many people, including your clients. Some might have faced the loss of their mothers or could experience strained or non-existent relationships with them. Others could be new mothers struggling with the challenges of parenthood or coping with the recent loss of a child. With this in mind, your Mother’s Day marketing should be delicate, sensitive, and inclusive. This can strengthen your relationships with clients, while still boosting your brand and encouraging more bookings through your salon software system. 

In this blog, we’ll explain how to achieve this.

Include Disclaimers Before Advertising Marketing Material

One of the best ways to achieve a sensitive, well-planned marketing campaign is to do so with some forethought. Whether you’re sending an email or SMS campaign offering Mother’s Day discounts, or simply want to celebrate the Mums that you love on social media, why not create a disclaimer before you post, allowing clients to look away or not engage with your content if they think it might upset them?

For email or SMS marketing, this could include sending your clients a message a few days before your campaign goes live, allowing them to “opt-out” if they don’t want to see it. For your audience on social media, include posting a short story post before your main marketing content, warning followers that the next post includes Mother’s Day imagery or content. 

While it may be disappointing to see clients “opt-out” or choose not to view marketing content, they will appreciate your care and forethought, and will likely hold your brand in higher regard going forward, which can boost client loyalty. 

Did you know? Retaining a loyal customer costs 5-7 times less than attracting a new client. 

Partner with Charities Who Help Mothers 

Rather than focus solely on your own business this Mother’s Day, why not use your reach to highlight a charity or organisation that helps mothers who are struggling?  Partnerships form strong community bonds, while also extending your services far beyond beauty and relaxation. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to partner with these organisations in a meaningful way, why not donate a portion of your Mother’s Day earnings to charity, or organise a drive where women availing of these services can redeem complimentary treatments from your business on Mother’s Day? 

As well as helping mothers in need, doing this strengthens your brand reputation and also shows a genuine commitment to the betterment of the community in which you operate.

Need Ideas? Here are some charities that work closely with mothers in Ireland

Celebrate The Diversity of Motherhood with Inclusive Content

In the professional hair and beauty industry, we sometimes tend to focus on creating picture-perfect marketing content that showcases a certain, idealistic picture of life. But that’s not the reality and can make people who don’t fit this ideal feel excluded. 

When creating Mother’s Day marketing material, be mindful that Motherhood looks different for every family. In your imagery, include LGBTQ+ mothers, single mothers, adoptive mothers, and non-related mothers to keep things inclusive and make your clients feel seen. When creating written content, tag lines like “Celebrate the Special Women in Your Life” or “Treat Yourself or a Loved One this Mother’s Day” keep things more inclusive and less specific.

In a world so focused on perfection and homogeny, seeing content that reflects the beautiful diversity of real life is refreshing and beneficial to business. To quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “We will all profit from a more diverse, inclusive society, understanding, accommodating, even celebrating our differences, while pulling together for the common good.”

Encourage the Mothers in Your Diary to Treat Themselves

Traditional Mother’s Day marketing material always encourages children or partners to spoil their mothers for the occasion. While many are lucky that this is their reality, some mothers find themselves alone or estranged on Mother’s Day. In response to this, why not tweak the messaging of your marketing material to encourage mothers to treat themselves on the 10th of March? 

Sharing a message like this creates a more empowering, uplifting message, and also allows you to speak directly to the clients who are already on your radar, rather than spending time attempting to share your marketing content with non-clients, like their children or partners. 

Better yet, create special offers and packages designed specifically for the mums in your diary, blending relaxation with confidence-building to help give your clients a boost that they’ll love and feel all the better for this March.

Building a more Sensitive & Inclusive Holiday for All

By keeping mindful of how to be more sensitive in your Mother’s Day marketing material, you can ensure your promotions resonate with a diverse audience and reflect the true spirit of celebration, appreciation, and support for all mothers this March.

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