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Get Your Copy: The Salon Owner’s Guide To GDPR eBook

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Get Your Copy: The Salon Owner’s Guide To GDPR eBook

If your salon is in Europe, you probably have been hearing the letters GDPR at events, online and all over the media. If you attended the Salon Owners Summit, you even attended a workshop delivered by Product Director, Paddy Monaghan, on the matter. But what is this new data legislation, the ‘General Data Protection Regulation,’ and why/how will it affect your business? To download your copy of The Salon Owner’s Guide to GDPR eBook today, click here!

The Salon Owner’s Guide To GDPR: Preparing For May 25th, 2018

GDPR is a new data regulation coming into place in May 2018 across Europe. Cutting to the chase, GDPR aims to unify how consumers’ personal data is protected in EU member states. It also aims to create more transparency about how businesses are storing and using people’s personal data. As Head of Marketing, Connor Keppel, explains in our latest eBook, this is particularly interesting in the hair and beauty industry, as salons collect a substantial amount of personal data from contact details, through to medication records and allergies.

This eBook was written to help you and your team get prepared and get it right from the get-go for the sake of your clients’, team’s and business’ prosperity and success.

What to Expect From This eBook

The Phorest Salon Software Salon Owner’s Guide To Understanding And Preparing For GDPR will help you:

  1. Learn About GDPR: What data in salons is affected by GDPR and who is responsible for what
  2. Become GDPR Compliant: Understand the concepts behind the legislation (accountability, consent, greater rights of the individual, etc.)
  3. Prepare For GDPR: See how Phorest Salon Software can help you become more GDPR compliant

By the end of this eBook, you will feel much more confident about what needs to be done to prepare your salon for the inevitable launch of the new legislation on May 25th, 2018.

Download your free copy here!

Important. The Phorest Salon Software Salon Owner’s Guide To GDPR eBook is purely for guidance and does not constitute legal advice or legal analysis. All organisations who process or control data need to be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation will apply directly to them. The responsibility to become familiar with the Regulation and comply with its provisions from 25th May 2018 onwards, therefore, lies with the Salon. This guide is intended as a starting point only, and organisations may need to seek independent legal advice when reviewing or developing their own processes and procedures or dealing with specific legal issues or queries.

Phorest Academy: The Salon GDPR Masterclass (Introduction)

guide to gdpr
Click on the image to save your spot.

Join Connor Keppel and watch back our FREE Salon GDPR Masterclass on demand to find out exactly how you can ensure that your salon is ready for the new mandatory Data Regulation that will be sweeping Europe in May 2018 (American businesses are not affected).

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