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Salon Social Media Tips: Using Instagram Stories

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Salon Social Media Tips: Using Instagram Stories

Last week, Instagram launched a brand new feature they called ‘Stories’. At the time of its launch, everyone’s lips read: “They copied Snapchat”. But it seems like brands and Instagram users are catching on to it… So the main questions are: what are Instagram Stories, how do they work and in what way are they similar or different to Snapchat?

But sure more importantly, how can your salon use the feature to get clients in more often, spending more? To provide you with the best salon social media tips, here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started with the new feature!

What Is This New Instagram Feature?

Simply enough, “Stories” are a new feature introduced by Instagram that allows users to share a 24-hour lasting photo and video slideshow. Easy to access and quick to use, Instagram Stories can help you test out engagement on posts before really publishing them on your salon’s feed.


Yes, that’s right. You see, Instagram has always been a very curated platform – many even delete pictures that don’t get much engagement. With Stories, you can take photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, with the ability to see how many/which users has watched them. This can give you a good indication of what content resonates with your salon’s public. But let’s say you want to keep a photo you previously uploaded to your Story? Well, that’s possible with a click of a button. See the How-To Slideshare below.

How Do Instagram Stories Work?

For those of you who have been using Snapchat in the past, this is going to sound familiar. In fact, maybe ALL TOO FAMILIAR. With Snapchat continually climbing in popularity, Instagram had no choice but to integrate a similar feature to its platform. If your salon is not on Snapchat, then this week’s salon social media tips are going to come in very handy (make sure you have the latest Instagram version on your phone).

[slideshare id=64863111&doc=phorestinstagramstorieshowtoguide-160810084240]

If you experience any difficulties seeing this Slideshare, click here.

Instagram Stories VS Snapchat Stories

In a nutshell, here’s what sets the distinction between both platforms.

Similar to Snapchat

– The feature is called “Stories”

– Stories disappear after 24 hours

– There is a 10-second post length limit

– You can use filters over photos & video posts

– You can add text or draw on posts

– You can save what you have posted to your camera roll

– You can see who has viewed your Story

– Users choose whose Story they wish to watch

– You can reply to posts included in a Story


Only With Instagram Stories

– You can “rewind” stories if you missed something

– You can post sections of your Story to you Instagram timeline

– There are more marker and doodling options

– Better audience reach

– If someone follows your salon’s page, they will automatically see if you have posted a Story

Salon Social Media Tips: Getting Clients In More Often, Spending More With Instagram Stories

New feature releases are always fun, but they need to get you more business for them to actually mean something to your salon. Instagram Stories, just like Snapchat, are an excellent opportunity to show off your brand’s personality. First, like the vast majority, your salon is probably already on Instagram, so your audience is there on the platform, ready to watch what you have to show. And because Instagram has been around longer and has more users than Snapchat, your Instagram Stories will most likely reach more potential new clients.

I’m NOT SAYING to use only Instagram Stories, on the contrary. Snapchat is just different, and some people still enjoy it more. Get creative and publish different content on both platforms: before & after quick in between clips, behind the scenes, Q&A’s, daily fun in the salon, tutorials, new product announcements, so on and so forth! To get you started, why not use the Phorest Go App’s Before & After Photos we released a little over a month ago? It’s the FIRST and ONLY salon software to integrate with Instagram and Snapchat. Here’s an explicative walkthrough video of the Phorest feature:

So you tell us: will you be using the Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both?
Drop us a line in the comments! And if you experience difficulties along the way, simply email us your concerns at, and we’ll be more than happy to help you overcome them.

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For more salon social media tips of the sort, check out how to schedule your Instagram posts or grab your copy of The Beauty & Hair Salon Owners Ultimate Guide To Facebook today and turn your salon page into a client retention machine!

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