Transform Your Email Signature Into Another Marketing Tool

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Transform Your Email Signature Into Another Marketing Tool

The more times people see or hear your message, the more they remember it. The more they remember your message, the more likely they are to believe and trust it which means more business for you.


A really easy way to increase awareness of your salon is through your email sign off. These sign offs can drive traffic to your Facebook and Twitter pages, raise awareness of your online bookings and show off client testimonials.

Here’s a short list of things that could be included in your email conclusions!

  1. A link to your online bookings. An email from you or your salon might remind people they need to book in for a treatment, so why not provide a link to your website so they can book straight away, without even having to pick up the phone!
  2. Facebook and Twitter links. Some people might not even realise you have these profiles so make sure you are easy to find by providing a link straight to your profile.
  3. Customer reviews and testimonials. These are the most believable forms of marketing. Use those glowing reviews from clients to tempt new people to book in for a treatment . Add a picture of the client for added credibility.
  4. Contact details. Include your phone number and salon number because some people might just want to ring you and get their query dealt with straight away.

Here’s a great example of email signage from Phorest Client, Mary Gillmore of Beauty Essence. She makes her client testimonials more eye catching by putting them in pink font.

beauty essence enail sign off


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