Creating Exquisite Salon Email Subject Lines

For Mother’s Day, we put out an article about creating the perfect subject lines in order to get more clicks.

Since then, we have been asked quite a few times to do another article like that, but for special deals and events that occur outside of holidays.

So we decided to do just that!

The Perfect Salon Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is still considered one of the very best ways to engage and attract clients while also informing them of the latest deals, news & happenings of your salon.

But in order for them to get that information, we are going to need them to open up the email, right?

That is why your salon email subject line needs to grab their attention and intrigue them enough so that they are looking forward to what’s inside.

Think of it this way: how many emails do you receive each day? You tend to delete or ignore loads of spammy messages that clutter your email box.

So it’s vital that you create compelling salon email subject lines that are designed specifically to tease what’s inside and co-hearse the client into wanting to find out more.

Before we get into what you should say, let’s first look at what you shouldn’t say:

Words To Avoid

Did you know that many email companies such as Gmail & Hotmail have spam filters. This filters judge whether or not an email is worthy of going into a person’s inbox or not. One of the ways they judge this is by targeting key words contained in the subject line.

The email marketing professionals at HubSpot have identified this particular subject line No-No’s for us. They are:

salon-email-dont salon-email salon-email-marketing   salon-email-listing

As you can see Spam filters have a lot of targets don’t they? But it has to be noted that this isn’t exactly a concrete rule. You can still get away with using some of these. But it’s good to be aware of them anyway!


Salon Email Subject Line Ideas

For Special Offers

1. It’s Back!

2. How To Look Magnificent This Week

3. 5 Treatments That You Simply Cannot Live Without


Salon Open House or Special Event

1. You’re Invited! New Product Launch Party at [Salon Name]

2. Shhh… Only VIPs Are Invited To [Salon Name’s] Exclusive Open House



1. Bring this email to our salon to win!



1. [Salon Name’s] July Newsletter

2. You Wouldn’t Believe What’s Happening At [Salon Name] This Month

3. Exclusive [Salon Name] Subscriber News & Deals



Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign found phenomenal success with some one word email subject lines. In particular, the highlight of their entire email strategy was simply:


Yeah, that’s right. Just the word ‘Hey’. It just intrigued the audience so much to see what was contained in the email itself.

So there you have it. A diverse range of salon email subject lines that can really help get your audience to click through to the message contained within.

Before I wrap it up, just remember that the subject line is simply the Hello for your email campaign. It’s what’s inside that counts. Try to ensure that the subject line and the content are linked as much as possible (except those times where you have a little fun with the one word subject lines of course!). Think of it like this – your email subject line is the same as a pick-up line at a bar. If you grab their attention in the right way, who knows where it will go 🙂

Also don’t forget to vary it up. Clients will certainly not click through if they continue to see the exact same lines as before.

For more tips on email marketing, why not check out The Anatomy Of A Successful Salon Email Campaign, or perhaps Steps to Standout Salon Email Signatures

Thanks for reading!


– Chris

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